Sometimes you just need to have a giggle with your friends, take a road trip and stay out until the early hours of the morning singing and dancing and sometimes you just need to curl up on the sofa with a blanket and the kids to watch Paddington 2 and maybe have a cheeky snooze!

Luckily for me this sums up my weekend quite nicely.

We left early on Saturday morning for a birthday jolly to Bournemouth for our fab friends 40th birthday.

It was a journey which involved both bus and train and the inevitable~lots of giggles before we had even left the station!

It started to snow en~route which although was forecast we didn’t think would actually materialise.

That added to the fun and by the time we had left our luggage for safe keeping at the hotel it was snowing quite steadily.

First stop was for coffee, lunch and cake all of which was very nice.

We then had a wander and did some shopping before checking in to the hotel and having a brief stop before dinner. I used this time to dye my hair and was so pleased that I had chosen the right colour otherwise things could of gone horribly wrong!

After dinner it was time to get ready, which involved the usual~outfit trying on, singing, dancing and alcohol.

Well no alcohol for me as my body decided that it would need anti~biotics at the most inconvenient time!

We eventually left the hotel after 11pm and I’m fairly sure the other residents where glad of the peace and quiet after various renditions of some of our favourite songs which may or may not of been in tune!!

It was still snowing and very, very cold so I reluctantly swopped my heels for flat boots and even wore my coat and gloves, I must be getting sensible in my old age.

Fortunately after walking, dancing and indeed eating chips and onion rings we soon warmed up.

All too soon we were back in our pjs drinking coffee and eating yet again ~crisps this time at 2am eek!

We woke up to find the snow had settled slightly and the view was lovely. After getting ready and going for breakfast we began our journey home, again by bus and train.

I arrived home to have a coffee with Mum and Dad who had been here looking after the kids.

We then watched Paddington 2 and headed off for a drive to watch the snow falling.

What a wonderful weekend.❤️x


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