Spring is in the air

It’s certainly been a busy Thursday afternoon~the sun has been shining I’ve done some gardening~yes you read that right~I put my gardening gloves on and tackled the weeds out in the front garden,the daffodils are beginning to spring up and the lavender which I love because my lovely Nan brought it for me is also doing well.

The weeding was going so well I decided to get the lawn mower out, this was a mission in itself and I was particularly thrilled to realise that it needed some petrol. I swiftly gave up on that and used the strimmer to give it a quick trim~you could probably argue that it looks worse but it’ll do until tomorrow!

Inspired by my sudden burst of energy I then hoovered the car out and made chilli for dinner.

That’s when things started to go downhill~the chilli I thought wasn’t too hot actually was slightly hotter than intended~cue joy at the dinner table as the kids didn’t like it.

Although I enjoyed it they decided to make themselves honey on toast and hot cross buns for tea!

That was enough drama for one night~although it’s clear that in this house any situation can be dramatic, for example when your teenage daughter is going to have a bath it is essential that the whole street must hear the dilemma of not having enough shampoo and conditioner to meet her needs~whatever next?!

On a much happier note we are going away for Easter and I cannot wait~ the 2 of us plus the 4 kiddiwinks, lots of chocolate and possibly even some snow=happy days and memories to be made.



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