For you…

Crazy little thing called love ❤️

Some days it’s laughter and giggles

Some days it’s tears and shouts

But every single day no matter what it’s the love that counts.

Maybe they can’t see it and maybe they wonder why I get frustrated.

They think I go on and on and that my advice is so outdated!

I often say this and I know it to be true, that one day we will look back at these days and laugh about the trantrums,smile about the pain.

We will want to be reminded of these days once again.

For being a parent is hard at times it has to be said, sometimes you don’t even want to get out of bed, to face the moaning and the stress of who ate the last cereal or who made all of the mess!

Over the years we know there will be tears and giggles aplenty.

Good times, bad times…

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