Parenting~one of the most rewarding yet toughest jobs there is.I can totally speak from experience when I say this.As a Mum I am only too aware of the challenges faced as our children grow up in an ever changing world.

I always want to do my very best for my children and I have had the fabulous opportunity to review WeParent a website which has been designed by pyschologists to provide a fun way to teach children all about their own emotional development.

The website is broken down into easy to navigate areas with individual modules packed full of strategies and helpful information to guide you through.

This fun interactive website is easy to navigate and I am personally enjoying being able to access such information at the click of a button.

You can find out more here-


Mc2 Ultimate lab kit

It’s still the Easter holidays and trying to entertain the kids isn’t always easy especially as the weather isn’t exactly on our side at the moment.

489190AE-A007-442A-B94F-21B9C7BC2BD1Here in the crazy household we are always enjoying finding new creative things to do and have been lucky enough to try out this fabulous Mc2 Ultimate lab kit.

img_8264Project Mc2 is a series over on Netflix and is based upon S.T.E.A.M which covers Science,technology,engineering, art and maths. With their wonderful range of products it allows experimentation in your very own home.img_8265

The Mc2 Ultimate lab kit offers a range of 15+ different experiments to explore and discover perfect for ages 6 years and over.img_8267

The kit contains 30+ additional pieces including a real working microscope,safety goggles and pH strips and can be stored in this storage kit which opens up to be your very own science lab.

img_8258The fun has most certainly began and we are all looking forward to trying out lots more experiments, learning whilst having fun gets my vote every time.


*the ultimate lab kit was sent to us to review, all views are my own*

Gossip and giggles

I’m a little bit late posting this but let’s face it I’m usually late so no surprise there! Anyway last night was a fab night celebrating one of my very good friends birthday. It was one of those nights when you laugh so much you cry, in-fact I drove home with tears running down my face as well as mascara. It was the kind of night where us girls do what we do best~gossip,giggle and talk about anything and everything.

When I got home I was greeted by a lovely sight~my wonderful boyfriend had not only waited up but had made me coffee too. Now let me just point out that the coffee was in fact decaf~well who would of thought it hey?! I’m trying very hard to cut down on caffeine in the evenings after some pretty horrific sleepless nights, so am hoping it may help. Whilst I’m not exactly a fan of that stuff it’s got to be worth a try and lets be honest I couldn’t not drink any coffee in the eves so this has to be a compromise~let’s see.

Before I go I’ll leave the link below to a on older post I wrote about friendship a while ago, I hope it makes you smile too. ❤️x

Crazy little round up

This week is flying by and suddenly its Saturday. We have been as busy as ever-this weeks antics have included a whistle stop visit to Surrey to see family and have our hair cut too-shout out to my big sister for that!

We have enjoyed going along the seafront where the children’s preferred mode of transportation was a scooter, roller skates and indeed a skateboard. Us adults kept our feet firmly on the ground and enjoyed a catch up aswell as a cheeky coffee and a rather large Eccles cake!

Yesterday was a trip to Brighton on the train, where my son was subjected to the joys of shopping with a teenage girl who insisted on going into every shop we came across, needless to say after he had been in the two shops he needed he was keen to get home.

In other news I’m feeling particularly grown up after receiving my brand new business cards, this was cause for much excitement in the crazy household, to celebrate I decided that I simply had to buy myself a new notebook (not that I need any excuse to do so,I just love them!)as their are lots of exciting things to look out for, in the mean time watch this space.

Having spent most of the afternoon working on ‘Crazy little thing called love’ with the help of my lovely fella (he really does help out a lot with my blog!)its almost time for me to get ready to go out and celebrate my very good friends birthday-I am looking forward to an evening of gossip and giggles.

Before an early start tomorrow when I shall be busy preparing a big family roast for us 6 plus Mum and Dad, good times all round I say.

Heres hoping you’ve had a good week filled with chocolate-if not yours then at least helping the kids out with theirs!!!

Happy Saturday.❤️x

The holidays have landed

After the long weekend it’s essentially the first day of the easter holidays today and I’m flying solo with all four small people.

So far we have one poorly child and one exhausted adult and it’s only 10am!

The sun is trying to shine so that’s promising although the weather forecast is predicting rain so we shall see!

On the agenda is as ever copious amounts of coffee, some nail painting and possibly some pancake making if I can summons the energy.

So far we are exploring forgotten toys and chilling out, long may the peaceful vibes continue. ❤️x

Long drive home

I cannot wait to use this tonight it’s a shame that you can’t actually drink it but after a mammoth 8.5 hour car journey I will happily make do with bathing in it!

The poor car developed a small coolant leak which meant lots and lots of stops to keep filling it up to stop it overheating.

Fortunately my lovely man managed to keep on top of the problem and got us and the car home safely.

It’s safe to say we are all pretty shattered and very glad that we now have two weeks off.

Please remind me that I said I am glad to be having two weeks off because I can imagine that it won’t be long until I’m longing to go back to work for a rest! Hee Hee.

On that note I’m off to relax before I’m totally outnumbered tomorrow~not that I would have it any other way.❤️x