Green fingers

No picture for this one which I know you’ll be thankful for by the time you’ve finished reading this post!

I’ve been gardening~def not one of my favourite things that’s for sure,obviously wearing appropriate clothing consisting of flip flops and jeans with a hole in them

Yes I know they have a hole hence I wore them for this task however I didn’t take into account that I would be bending over pulling out weeds with said hole which had got decidedly bigger around my backside area!

All I can say is sorry neighbours~not only do I let the neighbourhood down with my shocking lawn mowing skills I’ve probably put you off of your dinner now too! Hee hee what else can you do but laugh?!

Although in all seriousness they were my favourite Debenhams jeans which I now need a new pair of As well as quite possibly a gardener! ❤x


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