Schools out for the summer

Whilst writing this morning I had the voice of the voice over guy from Big Brother in my head~ ‘it’s day one of the summer holidays in the crazy household. Mum is feeling very happy this morning as she has coffee in her hand and despite being off for the next 7 weeks still has one week of freedom because the kids don’t break up until next week, Mum is considerably happier about this than the kids!!’

Obviously I was awake ridiculously early and I although didn’t set an actual alarm clock, my wake up call was the teenage delights dulcit tones inquiring where she might find her school uniform, I am in no doubt that as well as alerting me to this major crisis the whole neighbourhood is now also fully aware too!

Despite all the joys of a school morning I can smile and wave them off, knowing I will have at least 7 hours of uninterrupted peace which I will savour before the fun and games of the summer holiday truly begin.❤x


As another wonderful weekend comes to a close,I’m thinking about all the lovely things we have done and just how lucky we are to have such amazing places on our doorstep.

We have walked,explored and laughed lots. Enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the breathtaking scenery.

I couldn’t ask for more.❤x

Lazy Sunday

It’s 9pm on this lovely Sunday eve and I’m sat with a candle on, feet up about to watch the new series of Unforgotten.

I have ironing that needs doing and housework too but do I feel guilty about that? No I do not! For two reasons the first one being that I’m officially off work now for the summer and secondly let’s face it, it will all still be there tomorrow.

It’s been another wonderful weekend that has gone by in a flash.

I am determined to somehow make myself slow down and try and get some rest. Some sleep at night would be ideal but hey ho one step at a time and all that.
Happy Sunday to you all. ❤x


I’m not really sure that I can justify this as a ‘coffee break’ as I haven’t really achieved much so far this morning! I have however dropped the teenage delight off at school, bleached the toilet and wandered aimlessly around Tesco mainly getting things that weren’t on my list~although in my defence I left said list at home on the table oops!
That said it was very nice and as it’s my day off that’s what counts today I say.

I do hope that you are enjoying this sunny Monday~don’t forget for more daily updates you can also follow me here.❤x

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Dear Sleep it would appear you dislike me as much as I dislike you but come on can’t we call a truce or something?

This is getting crazy, the heat clearly isn’t helping but even so can’t you give a girl a break, the occasional reasonable night’s sleep really isn’t much to keep me functioning and even coffee is struggling to help out!

Between lack of shut eye, night terrors and involuntarily falling out of bed I am beginning to start taking this insomnia business personally although quite frankly it’s not me it is you!

I would be quite happy to negotiate with you, and would appreciate your input into this matter.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Many thanks


(A sleep deprived, unorganised and chaotic woman, surviving on coffee, coffee, more coffee and the occasional few hours of sleep!).

Birthday Girl

Having just got used to having a teenager in the house~somehow another year has passed and she’s now 14yrs old!

14~the years are whizzing by so quick, it makes you want to slow time down just a little, slow it down and really appreciate it, each and every moment.

So here’s wishing my big girl a very happy birthday she may be the eldest and be growing taller than me every day but she’ll always be my little helly bear with the big heart whom I am very proud of and always will be.❤x

Things that go bump

Today’s #humpday is brought to you courtesy of falling out of bed last night! Yes I kid you not at the age of 40yrs after another night terror, I landed quite literally with a bump~ fortunately no real damage occurred to me or the furniture although I am sporting a sore ear and shoulder courtesy of my bedside table that got in the way of said mission to fall out of bed hee hee!

All I can say apart from ouch is that you have to laugh and thank goodness my lovely boyfriend was there too otherwise I would of woken up wondering what on earth was going on, mind you I guess that’s no different to most mornings before I’ve had my coffee! Happy Wednesday everyone.❤x


Another beautiful summer’s eve by the sea.

A lovely stroll along the seafront, stopping at the park and getting dizzy on the roundabout and having a turn on the zip wire well why not?!

As I watched my boy laughing and smiling at such simple things I stopped and thought when did life become so serious? Why can’t we all enjoy the little things, after all those little things create big memories and even bigger smiles.❤x