Schools out for the summer

Whilst writing this morning I had the voice of the voice over guy from Big Brother in my head~ ‘it’s day one of the summer holidays in the crazy household. Mum is feeling very happy this morning as she has coffee in her hand and despite being off for the next 7 weeks still has one week of freedom because the kids don’t break up until next week, Mum is considerably happier about this than the kids!!’

Obviously I was awake ridiculously early and I although didn’t set an actual alarm clock, my wake up call was the teenage delights dulcit tones inquiring where she might find her school uniform, I am in no doubt that as well as alerting me to this major crisis the whole neighbourhood is now also fully aware too!

Despite all the joys of a school morning I can smile and wave them off, knowing I will have at least 7 hours of uninterrupted peace which I will savour before the fun and games of the summer holiday truly begin.❤x


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