The holidays are coming

Hey hey it’s another sunny Tuesday.
Which means two things~firstly it’s  my last morning of peace before the big two finish school for the summer and secondly it’s also date night which I just love.

It gives us much needed time together to chill out and recharge our batteries.
With a 2:4 ratio we are forever outnumbered but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s been a busy old week despite me being off already for the summer. We have made the most of these wonderful summer days and evenings by the seaside planning our next adventures as we cooked lunch at the beach and chilled out with what we lovingly call `The bus` our fab 7 seater which is loved by us all.

On Saturday we attended a wonderful wedding and had a really lovely day celebrating, and yes I shed a few tears which was to be expected hehe but hey true love is a wonderful thing and I defy anyone not to feel the emotion.

When we got home and got all 4 into bed we literally high fived one another, both feeling proud of our little family.
I could go on to talk about blended family life but that’s a story for another day.

So as the summer holidays are now officially in sight, I’m hoping for sunshine, patience and maybe even a win on the lottery to get me through!!

A girl can dream right.❤x



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