What is love?

When I was young,love seemed like a fairy tale.

Girl meets boy and they have their very own happy ever after.

As I grew up I began to realise that love doesn’t quite work like that. Love isn’t always hearts and flowers.

Sometimes it’s wiping away tears and giving apologies, because love can be stupid and also foolish too it’s not perfect but when two people love each other they take the good with the bad.

Sometimes it’s staying up all night finding the solution and never letting go.

It’s about believing in each other no matter what and seeing clearly when one of you can’t.

It’s hugs in the rain and kissing away the pain.

Love may be many things and it shows itself in lots of ways. Above all it’s wonderful and caring,kind,patient and always there.



I am loving this lovely sunny weather we are having and that looks set to continue.

I am also loving a fab product that I have been trying out.

Let me introduce you to ‘Wingz’ this fabulous invention allows you to add sleeves to sleeveless outfits.

I am definitely not keen on showing off my arms but some of my favourite outfits are in fact sleeveless, now my problem is solved.

‘Wingz’ are comfortable to wear and come in a range of styles and colours to choose from so you can comfortably compliment any outfit.

You can check out the whole range here http://www.wingzfashion.com/

*all thoughts and opinions are my own*