Just like that the summer holidays seem to of faded like a distant memory.

One thing that is very fresh though is the back to school chores and ever continual battle of keeping the uniforms smart and clean.

With a football mad boy in the house, I can almost guarantee stains appearing on shirts,trousers and pe kit on an almost daily basis!

We have been trying out Ace stain remover, and I am genuinely pleased with the results.

I love the two different ways to tackle the stains 1. A pretreatment spray which is used before washing and 2. an inwash formula that you use directly into the washing machine. Ace is formulated for colours so it keeps clothes clean and bright no matter what they have had thrown at them or Indeed down them during the day!

I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that you can also use Ace for day to day cleaning too.

I even tried it in the bathroom and was thrilled with the result, which was long lasting clean and freshness.

I love the fresh smell of Ace and the fabulous cleaning power at removing stains. It’s versatility for use around the home too makes it an all round win for me here in this crazy household.❤X

This is an entry for britmums #ACEforschoolchallenge sponsored by ACE.

Challenge, sponsored by ACE. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain Helper. http://www.acecleanuk.co.uk or to buy head to your local Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose or Sainsbury’s.


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