‘Mum do you want to go for a walk?’ Were not exactly the words I was expecting to hear from my teenage daughters mouth before 9am this morning!

If I am honest I was thinking erm no! I was in bed with soaking wet hair,having a coffee catching up on loose women.

I paused and then thought, do you know what why not?! I have had barely any sleep and some fresh air would be good.

So off we went and I am so glad we did, I feel like I don’t really recognise myself at the moment~last night whilst out with kids, I caught sight of myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe the person looking back was me, some how along the way the old me seems to be slowly disappearing~I am determined that she will be back though.

So yes this morning walking and talking with my girl with no distractions and lovely scenery was a good start to my day (although the hills and steps she made me climb made me question her intentions hee hee).❤x


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