Heavenly Birthday.

Today is #humpday and also my Dads first heavenly birthday (86yrs).

As ever this has given me lots of time for reflection and thoughts.

I have so many memories I could write a book~who knows one day I just might!

A particular memory sprang to mind earlier, it was this exact day 20 years ago. The dj was playing ‘you sexy thing’ Dad was on the dance floor dancing in the middle of a big circle of family and friends.

We all cheered,clapped and danced along~big smiles on everyones faces.
Good old Dad loved a sing song and a boogie~I love the fact thats where I get it from.

So much has happened in those 20years.
I have been blessed with two beautiful children, survived one divorce and had my heart broken twice.

Never in a million years did I predict that I would be sitting here, tears falling from my eyes~writing these words.

All those years ago~life seemed so simple everything mapped out for the future.

No one ever knows what is around the corner for each and everyone of us,no one knows what will happen and how that will change the direction of lifes journey.

I have learnt many things over these years, things that only life can teach you. Some of those lessons have been hard and I can honestly say that losing Dad has been one of the very hardest things to ever happen to me.

Although he isn’t here physically~his love for us all ensured that he is always guiding us and showing us that no matter what~ love really does make the world go round, it shows itself in different ways and with different people.

I am truly blessed to have been loved and to continue to be loved by those around me.

Although I know the heart ache of losing Dad will never ease~I also know that life is for living,smile and be happy. Let people know you love them and make the most of every day.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Dad, we will raise a glass to you tonight.
Love you and miss you each and every day.❤ x


One of those days…

Today is Thursday~nothing extraordinary about that,except its not just been Thursday~its been one of ‘those days’.

One of those days where you wake up feeling tired,you rush around from work,straight to visit a Sixth form with your eldest child and wonder where on earth the years have gone,it only seems like yesterday we were waving her off for her first day at school and now her last days there are looming large.

One of those days when you miss someone so bad,you would literally give anything to hear their voice or see their face for real,not just in the dreams that feel so real they can be heartbreaking at times.

One of those days when being a single parent hits you hard~for no particular reason other than simply because some days are just hard.

Everyday is a juggle but I guess some days the weight of what we juggle feels heavier and today was ‘one of those days’.❤x