Day Eight❤️

Day Eight of 40 days of happiness~getting organised and being able to sit down and relax at a reasonable time.❤️x



Day Seven❤️

Day Seven of 40 days of happiness.

I think the picture says it all really!

The countdown is on for a trip to Venice with my lovely boyfriend and I cannot wait.❤️x



So this morning I was getting ready to go out,running late and not sure what to wear (as usual!) I was wandering around in my underwear and finally decided on a top but it wouldn’t go with said underwear~the question was did I really have the energy to change said underwear or find a new top?!The struggle is real guys.

Having sorted the top I went downstairs to see if my favourite jeans that I had left drying on the radiator were in-fact dry, I was puzzled to find them still wet, I then realised that although I had turned up the thermostat I hadn’t even turned the heating on~ talk about Sunday morning problems.

No wonder I’m always late.       Finally we set off and went for a lovely walk and to try Geocaching for the very first time, it was good fun and something we would definitely like to go and do again.

After some fresh air we had more fun with a singing game which I must say I wasn’t too bad at, although I’m the first to admit I can’t sing to save my life,I love doing it so sorry kids Mummy will sing and try and win!

After a lovely day we came home to a blocked toilet~my kids response to me having to stick my hand down it was one of disgust~let me tell you I wasn’t too happy about it either but still a woman’s work is never done and all that.

Time for a quick dinner and some homework (the kids not mine),before realising that the important thing that I simply shouldn’t of forgot when I went to the shop earlier was toilet rolls cue me hunting through the drawers and cupboards for packets of tissues because I couldn’t face going out again!

Oh the joys~all in all though it’s been a wonderful weekend, it’s gone far too quick as usual.

Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x


Whilst getting ready to go up to bed, I glanced over at the dinner table that was extended to seat 6, I looked at the different chairs we had added to seat us all and it just made me smile.

Some days family life makes you want to tear your hair out but let’s face it would we really have it any other way?!

As ever I got distracted by what I was going into the kitchen for and then ended up writing down my thoughts. I’m sure you can all relate to them! 


Family life may not always be blissful, sometimes it’s damn right stressful.As we all know though somehow love conquers all and brings us together when we fall.
Harsh words may be sometimes spoken but don’t let the family spell be broken.Yes we may scream and shout but we know what love is all about.It may not be perfect it may not be quiet in fact it may indeed be crazy and tired, but when the day is done let’s not be lazy.

Let family come together through the good and bad.There’s lots of memories to be had.❤️x

Day Six ❤️

It’s been a sunny Saturday today, I’ve caught up with a very good friend of mine, had a walk along the seafront and now the boys are washing and drying up~what more could a girl ask for?!

I tell what I could ask for~a day without having an arguement with my teenage daughter~ now that really would be amazing!

Still let’s face it you can’t have it all, so for now I will stand back and smile safe in the knowledge that I’ve had a night off from the dreaded dishes.

Happy Saturday everyone.❤️x

Day five ❤️

Somehow it’s day five of 40 days of happiness already, blimey what a week!

Still we’ve made it to Friday and todays happy moment was going to visit my Nan~she’s 95yrs and amazing. I love seeing her whenever I can and always wish I had more time when I’m there.

She’s always so happy and I could spent all day chatting with her.

Today she gave me this old photo (I am approx 7yrs old!) I love photos they are such fantastic memories. I can’t believe how young everyone looks it certainly gave my kids a giggle seeing Nanny and Grandad 33yrs younger!

Happy Friday everyone.


Day four❤️

Day four of 40 days of happiness goes something like this.

By early eve I was feeling totally frazzled and if I’m honest a little bit defeated and fed up.

They say things come in three’s well I feel like they’re coming in truck loads at the moment! However as I said I truly believe you have to look for the good things in each day and today is no exception. 

A big hug from my lovely boyfriend and some fun singing with all of us trying to compete against one another definitely cheered me up~especially as us girls won!❤️x


Day three❤️

So it’s Wednesday and most certainly does feel like hump day!

It feels like one of those days when everything goes wrong.

However it’s also day three of 40 days of happiness happiness.

This afternoon I picked up my boy from school, he jumped in the car and kissed me on the cheek saying ‘Hi Mummy hows your day been?’ that little act of kindess literally made my day.❤️x

Day Two❤️

Day two of 40 days of happiness is brought to you by a fab evening playing Kerplunk.

It’s so true that it’s the simple things in life that really mean the most. It was so nice to put down the technology and play together as a family.

We had lots of giggles whilst listening to music too~good times.     ❤️x