My Boy

My blonde hair brown eye boy is 12 today.
Even as I type this I can’t believe it.
Each year seems to pass quicker than the one before.

Tbese 12 yrs have certainly flown by.
My little Ads is growing up to be a lovely young man, whom I am very proud of, he’s always got a hug for his Mum and makes me smile everyday.

He was excited last night as ever and went to bed wondering how he would ever get to sleep,whilst I was wondering how long I would have in bed before my inevitable early wake up call!

Oh to feel such excitement~my darling boy may you always be so carefree and happy.

So heres wishing my boy a happy, happy birthday and no matter how old you are you’ll always be ‘my little Ads’.❤x


Opposites attract.

If being unorganised was an Olympic sport I would have medals coming out of my ears.

Sadly it isn’t and instead of recognition there is only stress and chaos!

My mind is as chaotic as my life, sometimes I over think before I speak or sometimes I just open my mouth before my brain has even engaged and everything tumbles out right or wrong.

The inability to finish things without distraction isn’t a quality I possess either and I can often be found leaving things to go and do something else before I forget or simply because it’s more appealing!

Writing is one of those things that can often grab me and drag me away usually from the kitchen sink.

I find it calming to write my thoughts and note them down.

I often look around and think my life is like a whirlwind of things going round and around, I wish I could clap my hands and make these things stop dancing and spinning around me.

To put things into prospective my boyfriend and I are going away to Venice in three weeks time, and last night we were chatting on the phone and he mentioned that he was making a list of things to take, I mean while was online googling Advent Calendars for the kids!!

This is what I mean~I can’t even get myself organised for tomorrow but I’m thinking of December already!

It’s a good job opposites attract then that’s all I can say he he.❤️x

#EcoverLaundry challenge.

Let’s talk about washing~let’s face if there’s always tons of it to be done and having a child with very sensitive skin I’m only too aware of how important it is to find the right products to avoid any flare ups and uncomfortable rashes from freshly washed clothing/bedding etc.

We have been testing Ecover non~bio concentrated laundry detergent from not only does it smell lovely and beautifully fresh, the cleaning power is amazing.

It’s fantastic for the whole family, over the years I have struggled to find something that is gentle enough for my daughters skin that not only cleans effectively but smells good too. We have all loved the fragrant smell of lavender and sandalwood and I have noticed how the scent really does last.

From school uniform to grubby pe kits we have certainly put Ecover through its paces and the results have been fantastic, it has tackled mud,dirt and dinner stains with ease and left our bedding feeling soft, fragrant and gentle to the skin.

To top it all off Ecover isn’t just kind to skin it’s kind to the environment too as it is a plant based and concentrated too~giving you not only peace of mind but lots of washes too.

It has certainly got a big thumbs up from all the family.❤️x

This is an entry for #Britmums Ecoverlaundry challenge sponsored by Ecover.

Calm in a storm 

You are the up to my down,               the right to my wrong, the voice of reason when I feel like screaming.

A calming hug and a comforting smile,a squeeze of my hand to tell me it’s going to be ok in a while.

When it all seems too much you make it clear that what ever is happening you will be near.

With you by my side I can truly believe that whatever this crazy life throws at me you’ll help me up and calm me down and you’ll always be around.
So here’s to you and cheers to us,       I know sometimes I make a fuss, but let me make it crystal clear these words I want you to hear.

I love you more than words can say and by your side I want to stay.

Thank~You for being my calm in a storm.❤️x 


Today is my day off and it’s always a very early start due to the kids being dropped home super early

So it’s no surprise that everyone in the house is usually tired.

This morning when they arrived home I was Just finishing watching a programme, heaven forbid I not only sat down for more than 5mins but I also had control of the remote~whatever next!!

I’ll tell you what next~trousers needed ironing, lunches needed making and hot cross buns had been requested. I might just add that all these things were going to be done as we had loads of time but still!

Everyone was wanting something and as I got up and walked/stormed into the kitchen muttering about all the things I was doing for them this morning that never get appreciated.

I continued my rant most likely to myself because I’m fairly sure no one was even listening!

My main complaint was that I do lots of things and never get appreciated for it but the second i sit and take 5 minutes you would think the world was about to grind to a halt.

Whilst buttering bread and chucking things into lunch boxes,the muttering continued.

I went upstairs to iron the trousers and to call out a reminder of the time and my boy (11yrs) said to me ‘Mummy you have a hard time sometimes doing things all by yourself’

I then felt the guilt kick in~so my morning became a turmoil of grumpiness and guilt all before 9am.

I don’t have a hard time far from it,I’m lucky and do appreciate life and all it’s blessings.

However sometimes all you want is 5 minutes  to drink your coffee and catch up on one programme that isn’t child related~not too much to ask surely.

Later as I watched my boy walk off down the road to school~he turned and waved back at me and made my heart melt. These kids are growing up far too fast for my liking, they might drive me crackers at times and make me feel like a grumpy unpaid servant/referee (the list could be endless!) but I love them with all my heart, our family life may be crazy but that’s how we like it and I for one wouldn’t have it any other way.❤️x

Manic Monday 

Today has been like most Mondays it started off pretty standard really.

I was running late and when I finally dragged myself out of bed, my hair was ridiculously crazy even by my standards and the thought of going to the car to collect my straighteners which were of course in the boot of the car was proving too much!! 

After the afternoons school run I was rushing around here, there and everywhere and just about managed to throw some dinner down the kids throats before heading off out to my all time favourite activity of the week~swimming lessons. Where I get to spend the now extended time of an hour sitting in what is for all intents and purpose a sauna.

A sauna I might add that you have to sit in fully clothed~although let’s be honest that’s probably a blessing in disguise for everyone!

Tonight’s hour went by reasonably fast as I was trying to sort out a problem with my phone. 

That sorted I then attempted to turn off the child locks in the new car. As much as it’s tempting to leave them on my two obviously don’t need them now.

This should of been a simple job but it is was dark and I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing. 

After the first attempt I managed to step back into a large, deep puddle and absolutely soak my foot, I then attempted the other door thinking it might be easier to get to but no it wasn’t and I lost my balance and fell backwards laying momentarily on my back like an upturned turtle (thank goodness it was dark!)

Deciding to leave it I went home and googled how to do it, thinking I had cracked it I went back outside and had a final go. So convinced was I that I had done it, I got into the car only to realise I then couldn’t let myself out!! Fortunately I was able to open the window and open the door from the outside!!!

So there you have it just another crazy day. That’s Mondays fun and games over, now to get organised and ready to watch my favourite programme ever~First Dates.

Happy Monday.❤️x


After a very busy and If I’m completely honest stressful week, I found myself child free and asleep on the sofa by 9pm on Friday night,to be fair having wine in the hot tub probably helped that along!

The sleep was very much needed though and yesterday saw a pretty long journey which resulted in a change of car. This is a very welcome change as my previous one would drink petrol like there was no tomorrow and the fuel gauge would start moving as soon as the engine started!

Another bonus means that when we are all together we can now go out and about in one car rather than having to factor two car loads into every journey.

Now all this sounds great but of course in this crazy household nothing ever seems to run smooth so after a quick solo trip in the car, including a trip to Asda I was feeling pretty confident.

This was until I found myself unable to remove the handbrake.So there I was sat on my own driveway unable to do anything or go anywhere!!

After a quick phone call and a few deep breaths I restarted the engine and thankfully managed to remove said handbrake and carry on my journey. I am fully aware of my next door neighbour looking out of the window no doubt wondering what on earth I was doing~although we’ve been neighbours for 4yrs now so surely nothing would surprise him?! 

This morning the sun is shining and I am looking forward to having a good family catch up for my big brothers big birthday~60 today (I’m sure he will thank me for sharing that with the world).

It’s also my beautiful nieces birthday today she is of course some what younger he he.

On that note I should really get up and get organised, although there’s still a few hours left to stress about my outfit I may as well get started on the process!!

Happy Sunday everyone.             Much love.❤️x 


Life’s been pretty busy with the return to school and work after the summer holidays.
As the weather is also getting colder it’s time to have some different dinners again.

Therefore I was very happy to take part in the Britmums #Healthyredmeatchallenge.

Red meat is a great source of iron, b vitamins, zinc, selenium and potassium. All are needed as part of a balanced diet but can often be low in both toddlers and children’s diets.

As a busy Mum I am always conscious of finding ways to get a variety of foods including vegetables into any meals in a variety of ways.

Tonight we had soft tortillas with Beef mince.

This is a quick and easy meal to make and can easily accommodate lots of ingredients.

To the mince we added~onions,garlic,peppers,mushrooms, sweetcorn and chopped tomatoes. My daughter helped me with both the chopping and the stirring. When it was thoroughly cooked I served it in a large casserole dish with soft tortillas that the children could serve themselves and fill.

Being able to serve themselves is always a hit as the children can choose the amount they want to have and in doing so usually come back for seconds or indeed thirds!!
We had empty plates all round and the overall verdict was ‘it was great,when can we have it again Mum?!’

I make that a win win dinner!

Healthy and enjoyed by everyone old and young. Who could ask for more.❤️x

This post is an entry for the Britmums #Healthyredmeatchallenge sponsored by the Meat Advisory Panel.

Little things 

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say as a parent I have times when I feel guilty about the kids.

The days when all I hear is the sound of my own voice and feel like I’ve not done anything but moan!

The days when I feel like they’ve watched too much tv or had too much screen time.

The days when I’m tired and grumpy and not as patient as I could or should be.

After having what feels like the exact same conversation with my teenager daughter for about the millionth time and after me sighing and walking into the kitchen shaking my head also for about the millionth time this weekend, I stopped and thought~how awful all I do is moan.

I then proceeded to put the pans away that I had used to make them chocolate chip pancakes this morning as soon as I had stepped out of bed, I looked into the garden at the den I had helped to build and started to get my bag ready for our afternoon trip to the beach, and I thought hey do you know what? It’s not been such a bad day so far has it? 

My boy helped me make the pancakes and there was laughter and giggles from the den. We will all enjoy a walk/scoot along the seafront later and the fresh air will be much appreciated.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t let the negatives overshadow the positives, parenting is in my opinion one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever undertaken but it’s also the most rewarding. 

We did have a lovely afternoon and now we are home, the kids are getting bathed and I’m cooking a roast dinner.

Everyone’s happy~I’m looking forward to a relaxed eve with them before the madness of another week begins, where I will undoubtably be feeling the same as I did this morning. However I will also try and take five minutes to think of the positives of which, how ever tiny they may seem there are always lots of.❤️x


IMG_4786It’s been a bowling and ice~cream sundae kind of Saturday with a walk along the beach thrown in too.

The rain held off which was nice and whilst it was chilly it was still nice to get out and enjoy some much needed fresh air.

Bowling was good fun, I have to admit to a pretty rubbish score even though the bumpers were up but still it’s the taking part that counts and today I’m sticking with that!

After dinner the kids made their own ice~cream creations which could quite possibly cover their sugar intake for a week~me being me I couldn’t just sit back and watch so I had to join in, promising myself afterwards that not only will I charge my Fitbit tonight I will wear it and get exercising,hmm promises, promises. I might have to finish off the hidden cherry bakewells before any dieting can commence(yet again!)

Quite frankly I’m worn out after a late night of giggles and gossip with my lovely friends last night and today’s fun with more of my favourite people. I’ve had a bath and could quite easily go to sleep right now, so if the kids would be so kind as  to stop chatting and get some shut eye I might just do the same!

Happy Saturday everyone.❤️x