Sunshine and seasides

After an impromptu visit to the drs for yet another urine/kidney infection, the doctor confirmed that I need to up my fluid intake~sadly she didn’t mean drink more coffee though! To add insult to injury my anti~biotics require that I don’t have milk 2hrs before and indeed after each dose. Therefore it’s safe to say that I been counting down the hours,minutes and seconds until coffee time!

On a serious note though if it means a quick recovery then I will gladly take my medication as instructed.

Coffee is obviously an ongoing theme in my life, and as much as I am practically an expert at both making and drinking it, last night I surpassed myself by going through all of the necessary motions only to realise just before taking a sip that I hadn’t even boiled the kettle~I’ll blame the sunshine for that hee hee.

Speaking of sunshine as much as I love the sun and the heat, waking up to such beautiful weather serves as an instant reminder that this diet of mine really does need to start tomorrow in earnest. With some special events coming up surely that must be an incentive~hmm watch this space….

On the whole it’s been a wonderful weekend~spending time in the hot tub, and enjoying getting fresh air walking along the sea~front making the most of the lighter,warmer evenings.❤️x

National Citizen Service.

Here at ‘crazy little thing called love’I have been busy learning all about ‘National Citizens Service’ (NCS). With one teenager in the house already and another one rapidly approaching his teenage years,this is something of great interest to me.

CCEEF4C8-A45A-4778-9A21-6B04E8F4EB1AI am a firm believer in the great opportunities that can be achieved by keeping my children fit and active by encouraging them to take part in new activities especially whilst bringing them up in this ever growing technological world. I want them to explore new things and see what wonderful opportunities are awaiting them in the big wide world whilst also giving them the chance to meet new people and make new friends.

National citizen service is open to all 16 and 17 year olds across England and Northern Ireland,it is a government backed initiate and was established to help build a more cohesive,mobile and engaged society.

22720890-E510-4B90-BFE2-ED86A537A913.jpegIt is a 2-4 week programme taking place during the summer holidays,it brings together young people from different backgrounds to share unique experiences together. Including rock climbing,canoeing, hiking,archery and zip wires.This in turn encourages-team work,working together and supporting each other. Access to all these amazing opportunities costs just £50 and includes food,accommodation and activities. Financial  assistance can also be requested.

This year more than 100,000 teenagers from different  backgrounds will come together via NCS if you would like your child to be a part of this don’t delay, register your interest for further information. NCS will endeavour to find a spot on one of their programmes that you can fit in around any summer plans you may already have.

I see this as something wonderful which I would definetly love my two to experience-anything that gets them out and about whilst moving ,socialising and gaining both self-confidence and independence in a safe secure environment gets my vote everytime.

  • B58F7FA4-8911-49AC-8BC2-2C5C415CDBD8.jpegThere are still places available for your year 11s to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity this summer. To sign up now go to the NCS website.

*This is a collaborative post with ‘NCS’*


It’s Tuesday and right now there is a technology ban in this house~for the kids not me!

All things considered it’s calm and quiet, so I’ve decided to sneak off upstairs and have 5 minutes of peace to have a bath and get ready.

Yes get ready because it’s date night wahoo~it’s been a very busy few weeks and tonight we are child free. As much as I love all four kiddiwinks it’s also nice to just have some time to chill and relax together.

Cue the usual stress of not having anything to wear etc, etc. I’m not looking forward to the task of emptying out my wardrobe only to end up wearing the same thing.

All I do know is that I’ll be wearing heels~with what though is a different matter!

On that note I’ll shall head off to begin the dreaded task and try not to be late for dinner~wish me luck.❤️x


So this popped up earlier and put a big old smile on my face.

It’s no secret that I love my little blog and I love writing about this crazy life of mine.

Thank~you to everyone who takes the time to follow,read and of course like it!

Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x

Crazy little Easter Holidays

41DDEF44-9B80-42B9-88E6-C5468502F47BThis last two weeks I have had lots of small people at home, eaten far too much chocolate (me not them!) done less housework than really was necessary and most definitely not had enough sleep!

I won’t lie sometimes the holidays aren’t always easy, life doesn’t stop just because school has-jobs still need to be done, bills still need to be paid, things can and do go wrong (don’t get me started on our very poorly car!) and life’s ups and downs certainly don’t take a few weeks off to give you a break.

I guess that’s the beauty of this crazy life it’s all about balance-the good with the bad,the rough with the smooth. In my eyes as long as the love and laughter outweigh the tears then I’m winning.❤️x


Crazy little giveaway

Hey everyone if you’ve read my latest post about parenting, my giveaway could be just the thing for you.

I have 10 x 12 month subscriptions to the fantastic ‘WeParent’ website to give away.

If you missed my post catch up with it here~

To enter this great giveaway simply follow the link here~


Body Shop

Tuesday night I had a little trip out to Brighton to attend ‘The BodyShop VIP’event in Brighton.

Obviously I was so excited to be going out I wore heels without really taking into the account the walk to and from the station which is up and down a hill! Cue me arriving with a very painful blister. I can tell you the glass of Prosecco on arrival was most welcome as was the delicious vegetable curry sample from Wagamama.

I had a lovely evening learning all about The Body Shops new range of vegan and vegetarian products.

There was also a fantastic make up demonstration~showing us how to create a great festival look with some beautiful, bright colours.

I enjoyed having a good look around the shop (without any of my kids in tow!) and spotted some wonderful new products including the Ethiopian green coffee cream~obviously that was a favourite of mine! I also loved the personalised body butters~what a fab idea and a perfect gift.

These love heart bubble also caught my eye.

I certainly could benefit from some drops of youth in my life too especially after a serious lack of sleep!

I left with a smile on my face, although my feet had other ideas for me and if I could of I would of crawled up the hill to the station!

Once on the train I caught up with Eastenders and relaxed on my way home, a good end to a fantastic night. Not only did I get to sample some amazing new products, I learnt some very interesting things too.❤️x



Parenting~one of the most rewarding yet toughest jobs there is.I can totally speak from experience when I say this.As a Mum I am only too aware of the challenges faced as our children grow up in an ever changing world.

I always want to do my very best for my children and I have had the fabulous opportunity to review WeParent a website which has been designed by pyschologists to provide a fun way to teach children all about their own emotional development.

The website is broken down into easy to navigate areas with individual modules packed full of strategies and helpful information to guide you through.

This fun interactive website is easy to navigate and I am personally enjoying being able to access such information at the click of a button.

You can find out more here-

Mc2 Ultimate lab kit

It’s still the Easter holidays and trying to entertain the kids isn’t always easy especially as the weather isn’t exactly on our side at the moment.

489190AE-A007-442A-B94F-21B9C7BC2BD1Here in the crazy household we are always enjoying finding new creative things to do and have been lucky enough to try out this fabulous Mc2 Ultimate lab kit.

img_8264Project Mc2 is a series over on Netflix and is based upon S.T.E.A.M which covers Science,technology,engineering, art and maths. With their wonderful range of products it allows experimentation in your very own home.img_8265

The Mc2 Ultimate lab kit offers a range of 15+ different experiments to explore and discover perfect for ages 6 years and over.img_8267

The kit contains 30+ additional pieces including a real working microscope,safety goggles and pH strips and can be stored in this storage kit which opens up to be your very own science lab.

img_8258The fun has most certainly began and we are all looking forward to trying out lots more experiments, learning whilst having fun gets my vote every time.


*the ultimate lab kit was sent to us to review, all views are my own*

Gossip and giggles

I’m a little bit late posting this but let’s face it I’m usually late so no surprise there! Anyway last night was a fab night celebrating one of my very good friends birthday. It was one of those nights when you laugh so much you cry, in-fact I drove home with tears running down my face as well as mascara. It was the kind of night where us girls do what we do best~gossip,giggle and talk about anything and everything.

When I got home I was greeted by a lovely sight~my wonderful boyfriend had not only waited up but had made me coffee too. Now let me just point out that the coffee was in fact decaf~well who would of thought it hey?! I’m trying very hard to cut down on caffeine in the evenings after some pretty horrific sleepless nights, so am hoping it may help. Whilst I’m not exactly a fan of that stuff it’s got to be worth a try and lets be honest I couldn’t not drink any coffee in the eves so this has to be a compromise~let’s see.

Before I go I’ll leave the link below to a on older post I wrote about friendship a while ago, I hope it makes you smile too. ❤️x