Those were the days…

Oh the 90’s what a decade.
The music,the fashions the trends, even the arrival of the internet!

We had records, cassettes and walkmans, and quickly became super quick music masters learning how to press play and record just at the right time so we could tape the top 40 on a sunday afternoon without capturing the voices of the dj.

Posters of popstars adourned our bedroom walls courtesy of smash hits magazine and shell suits were still a fashionable item eek!

At the age of 13yrs there was nothing I liked more than being with my friends, singing into our hairbrushes and practising the latest dance routines in front of the mirror and before we knew it we were being told to ‘spice up our lives’as a brand new girl band came bursting into our homes and indeed our lives.

The world was being taken by storm as a group of 5 girls named the ‘Spice Girls’ were about to introduce us to a whole new set of trends and of course the ever famous ‘girl power’.

The girls who each represented their own unique style and personalities, introduced themselves as ‘Posh”baby’ ‘scary’ ‘ginger’and ‘sporty’.

The spice girls songs soon proved to be popular and catchy and the catchphrase ‘Tell me what you want,what you really,really want’ was born.

What we really wanted(and still do to this day) was some walkers crisps~the varieties seemed endless but some firm favourites were ‘salt and vinegar’ and ‘cheese and onion’.
The bags were blue for ‘ salt and vinegar’and green for ‘cheese and onion’,the colour packets may of changed but tbey still taste as good today as they did back then.

Music continued to be a big part of our 90’s lifes and top of the pops was a firm favourite on a thursday night up until 1996 when it was moved to a friday evening to get the weekend started.

1996 also saw the spice girls very first appearance on the show when they sang a live performance of ‘wannabe’.

Bringing us back into the present day the girls kicked off their Uk and Ireland 13 date stadium tour on the 24th May 2019 and can be found at various stadiums throughout the country.

On that note I shall ‘stop right now’, dig out my biggest hair brush, dust off my best dance moves, grab my friends and reminisce over those fabulous teenage years. If the girls are really lucky I may even share a packet or two of Walkers crisps with them~its a good job the range of flavours has kept on growing so we will have plenty to choose from.❤x