I can honestly say that 2018 has been the year with the biggest highs and heartbreaking lows.I will be taking the best memories into 2019 and holding on tight to them, whilst keeping them close to my heart.

If this year has taught me anything,it is that life can change in the blink of an eye.
Always try and live with no regrets, love well and be happy, surely life is too short and too precious for any thing else.

As one year draws to a close and another one begins,lets hope 2019 is a good one.

Wishing you all a new year that is full of happiness.

See you later 2018 ❤x


Happy Birthday to you xx

Happy Birthday to the one who’s smile melts my heart.

He makes me smile everyday, takes us on adventures,looks after us all and is quite simply the best

Happy, happy birthday to the one I am lucky enough to share this crazy journey with.❤x

Oh Wednesday

So today #humpday has gone something like this…
Left the house ridiculously early to realise that I have forgotten anything for breakfast and infact lunch.

Got stuck in a hideous amount of traffic enroute to collecting the kids from their grandparents house,ask them to make sure that they are totally ready for my arrival.
After collecting them they assure me that they do in fact have everything they need, although funnily enough a mere 2 seconds down the road Ads decides to announce that he has left his lunch behind (def takes after me I feel!)this calls for a quick 3 point turn and a few muttered swear words as we turn back to collect said lunch.

As I drop them off at school, Ads decides that he is too grown up to give me a kiss goodbye because he’s seen his friends coming down the road and clearly I am soooooo embarrasing thanks son!

Got parked with a few minutes to spare and head to work, the morning walk is interrupted by the teenage delight phoning to say that her brace was broken and what should she do?! Aargh! More muttered swear words and several phone calls later and we have an emergency dentist appointment which fortunately resolved this problem~I would however of been even happier if he could of solved the teenage attitude problem but I guess I simply can’t have it all!

This evening thankfully has been much better, I successfully dyed my hair (No more greys for me!), had a yummy dinner cooked for me and had cuddles with Pam too.

Happy #humpday everyone.❤x


I feel like I haven’t written for ages, that’s not because I haven’t got anything to say,infact I quite often have too much to say~maybe silence is golden sometimes hehe!

Anyway here I am and I can’t believe we are almost a whole week into October, another year that is simply flying by.

As ever the days and weeks have been busy and full on, not that I would want it another way.

We have been making the most of the weather whilst it’s still reasonable and as the evenings start to get dark so early now we have been trying to squeeze in some seaside walks before it becomes completely dark by 4pm!

That said evenings in front of the fire are beckoning and that’s always lovely too, although if truth be told once the fire is on you can guarantee I won’t be awake for long!

In other news I have become a fully fledged grown up and purchased a slow cooker, yes at the age of 41yrs not only have I brought one but I have managed to cook dinner in it and actually left the house whilst it was on (those of you who know me well will understand!)

Happy Friday everyone.❤x

Beautiful ride

I love words, writing, pictures, quotes.
They are so powerful and radiate such meaning.

I love to see things when I’m out and about, this quote I particularly love, I love what it says and what it means but I also love that it was painted on a seaside shop window.

I didn’t see it or indeed take the picture, my daughter did, she took the picture and sent it to me because she knew I would like it.

Sometimes these things have a habit of popping up and jumping out at you, maybe a little reminder of how beautiful life is, maybe we should all slow down and appreciate the things around us~the people we have in our lives and the memories they share with us and help us to create big and small.

So yes life is a beautiful ride~smile when you can, laugh everyday,love with all of your heart and hang on tight!❤x

Mini adventure

Wow what a weekend, it’s gone by in an absolute flash. Mind you it’s been a busy one. On Saturday we went on a ‘mini’ road trip and when I say ‘mini’ I mean it quite literally. This is because my wonderful other half felt the need to purchase a classic Mini because having 4 vehicles isn’t enough hee hee.

So we set off on a 3 hour round trip to collect it.

Today has been just as hectic as I decided to tackle Ads bedroom,small it may be but believe me it had plenty of stuff in it. At one stage I could feel myself losing the will as every available floor space upstairs soon became covered with boxes,bin liners and charity bags.

We found more clothes under the bed than in the wardrobe and had a few sentimental moments with old pictures and toys.

Finally it was complete and I am now left with several bin bags that won’t fit in the bin, several bags for the charity shop, oh and of course several loads of washing~thanks son!

This afternoon we escaped the tidying up and headed for the seafront with Mum and Dad. It was lovely and sunny so we stopped for ice creams and of course coffee. Although I could of sat and gazed out at the sea all afternoon, all too soon it was time to go home via the shop as I still haven’t been food shopping oops!

After dinner and the usual Sunday night rituals and obliqitaory last minute homework~this boy is so unorganised who could he possibly take after?! I am now relaxing with a cheeky cider and having a think, just a little one about Christmas!

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you have had a fabulous weekend.❤x

Last first date.

Exactly one year ago, ,I couldn’t find my shoes, didn’t know what to wear, was running late and took the longest route ever as I was about to embark on my last first date.

Exactly one year ago I didn’t know this was to be my last first date but as fate would have it that’s exactly what it was!

May 20th marks the start of a journey, our journey together. So much has happened in this time, it’s gone so quick, the saying goes time flies when your having fun and its certainly fun with lots more exciting adventures to come.

I’ve found my soul~mate,my best friend,all thanks to that ‘crazy little thing called love’ ❤️x

Love and hate

On Sunday morning we had a lovely breakfast in a hotel and on the table they had marmite, not just any marmite it was in my favourite shape~a love heart.

We all know the saying you either love it or hate it. Well on my walk home from work today I was thinking just about general stuff and things that I’ve done or that have happened in my life. Decisions that I made good or bad. Choices I’ve made and paths I have taken.

These become memories some of which I love and some I do indeed hate.

However that’s the amazing thing about life~ the things we do lead us to the places we find ourselves at in different times of our life’s.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but when you look back at certain times which seemed bad then~would you really change them? Those times shape you and make you who you are. Although we cannot go back in time we can learn from these things and use that knowledge to move forwards.

Life is a learning curve, every day we are presented with new twists and turns to negotiate, it’s full of what ifs and maybes.

Life is what you make of it ,follow your heart, look forwards and smile.

Forgive others and apologise when you need to. Love well and with all of your heart.

Happy #humpday ❤️x

Long Week

Ooh it’s been a funny old week, feels like a long one although we’ve only been back to work and School for 2 days!

I’m shattered after a ridiculously late one last night~when will I ever learn?!

I’m not quite sure what’s happened this week but it’s disappeared very quickly and Christmas seems like a distant memory already.

Despite telling myself that I will make better use of my time and not rush around so much~I found myself dashing from work to school to town and home, followed by a quick change and then off swimming, obviously not for me~no way not after consuming far too much food and drink over the Christmas holidays, I couldn’t possibly bring myself to strut around the swimming pool half dressed, no thank you!!

After almost melting at the swimming pool we headed out into the cold air which certainly woke me up, I decided I was on a mission and went food shopping too~I forgot a £1 for the trolley so my daughter and I managed it in two baskets, which let’s face it probably saved me a small fortune as we were limited to what we could carry.

Now we’ve had dinner and I finally sat down~I feel no urge at all to go and wash up but as it’s entirely unlikely that the housework fairy will be putting in an appearance anytime soon it’s looks as though I shall have to drag myself into the kitchen and get it done, then believe it or not I’m heading for bed!

On a positive note~I’ve been very lucky to have been tagged in two blogging awards and when I can get myself fully organised and back in the swing of things I will be posting them~watch this space.

So I would like to wish you all a very happy new year~I hope your Friday night is more exciting than mine and my date with a sink full of dishes and washing up liquid! ❤️x