No one told me.

No one told me that one day I would move away from my family( and miss them being close by)but make wonderful new friends at the same time.

No one told me that one day I would be a parent, they didn’t tell me that for 5 years I would be doing that job alone.

No one told me that after those years I would meet someone who does so much for us, I don’t have to parent alone anymore.

No one told me that some days I would be arguing with miniature versions of myself one minute and laughing at the craziness of them the next.

No one told me my heart would be so full and that one day I would stand outside getting wet repairing a trampoline in the rain because I know it will make them happy, and their happiness means more to me than they will ever know.

No one told me these things because no one knew. No one has a crystal ball, we can’t predict the future, but what we can do is make the most of every day. Forgive when we need to, start each day afresh.

Love with all of our hearts .

Make each and every day count.



Sunset thoughts on a Saturday

I feel I’ve been quite quiet lately on the blogging front~it’s unusual for me to be quiet although I do find that often there’s not much of an in between for that~either I’ll talk for England or won’t say more than two words in one go~I’m sure at times the latter is preferable!

It’s been a funny old week that seems to of stretched on forever.

It’s mainly consisted of being super tired and very much lacking in sleep and arguing with my teenager!

Of course there has been some happy moments too but sometimes they get overshadowed.

I know I’m not the first and certainly won’t be the last parent who is sitting down and thinking over and over about arguments or upset with their children. Wondering if it could of been dealt with differently, and indeed at times wondering what (if anything!)they’ve done wrong to find themselves in these situations.

One thing is for sure this parenting lark isn’t for the faint hearted, and if anyone could please tell me that the teenage years get easier it would be much appreciated~lie if you must but just do it hee hee.

On a happier note I’m typing this as I catch up with the one programme guaranteed to make me smile~first dates. I’ve got my feet up, a candle lit and of course a coffee on the table. All is quiet here in the crazy household, I’m hoping for two things~1. Some sleep and 2. A lie in.

Neither one of those things is guaranteed or indeed likely but hey ho a girl can dream (if sleep permits it of course!). ❤️x

Pull~don’t push.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever pushed a door which clearly said pull or vice~versa.

This very analogy got me thinking don’t push away those who you love and care about~pull them closer and let them love you and support you.

It’s no secret and probably no surprise that I am better at writing about how I feel than actually saying it sometimes, my mouth has a habit of running away with itself before my brain is fully engaged!

Hence I love to write it clears my head and allows me to think properly and clearly.

We all know a problem shared is a problem halved~even when that seems like the hardest thing to do, try and find a way to do it, often things build up and can seem far worse and unsolvable when they are locked up in your own thoughts.


On that note last night my thoughts were Interrupted by a very unwelcome army of ants marching around my lounge and indeed one of two brave ones decided to have a stroll up my arm!

That was the last straw for me. Those tiny little things reduced me to tears!

I am so very grateful to have such wonderful people in my life and I know that I will most certainly be practising the pull don’t push way of doing things.

I truly believe that love holds the key to unlocking any door however big or small.❤️x


Throwback to when my little people where very little.

Life often gives us reason for reflection and here’s today’s one.

On my walk to work this morning I found myself noticing some of the Mums standing with buggies and little ones by the School gates, it was raining and all of a sudden it took me right back to when my two were that small.

The ironic thing is some days when I would stand waiting for them in the pouring rain, the School runs could seem never ending.

However it was also great to be with my friends and have a natter and a gossip.

These days I don’t tend to do the school run, they walk or if I’m driving I’ll drop them nearby to school.

As they grow older, things seem easier in some respects~being able to nip to the shops for forgotten items without having to load them in and out of the car is a definite bonus!

As ever time whizzes by so so quickly and I sometimes wish I could go back to those days and really savour the moments, appreciate the little things and not stress about things that I now know didn’t need to be stressed about!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it, and as the saying goes ‘time stands still for no man’.

I’ve been busy packing for our Easter weekend away and I simply cannot wait, I’m looking forward to a change of scenery, lots of chocolate and most importantly some time together, time I will cherish making more memories with my favourite people.❤️x

I am that girl

You know your a lucky girl when you have a boyfriend who stays awake until he knows your back safe from a night out, who would do anything for you and your family, who is always there through the good and bad. Wiping the tears away and making you smile again.

He has a smile that alone can brighten even the dullest day.

Soppy as it may sound I don’t care, I’ll happily shout it from the roof tops, I am that girl who has a boyfriend who does all that and more. I’m not sure how I got to be so lucky but one thing I am sure of is that this crazy little thing called love may well be a Crazy journey but as long as we are travelling it together I just know everything will be just fine.❤️x

Colourful Sunday

We have been painting today, and theres no prizes for guessing who knelt down into the paint and managed to turn her jeans into an attractive shade of violet!! After a soak in the sink and a wash with stain remover I’m hoping that they’ll be fine once dry.

Now the walls are dry it’s clear we did a good job and despite also decorating the carpet slightly it’s certainly looking nice.

After a big roast dinner followed by me eating far too many chocolate cookies it’s time for some relaxation before a very busy week commences~also known as half~term.

I’m looking forward to being off however there’s certainly no rest for the wicked because despite there being no work or school tomorrow we still have an early start as my girl goes on her very first Duke of Edinburgh hike at 8.45am and yours truly has to drop her off and collect her afterwards!

Still there’s lots of things to look forward to including a trip to the cinema, go ape and of course a surprise for date night on Tuesday.

Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x

Feeling Yuk!

Last week seems to have blurred into one pretty much~I found myself swopping my favourite perfume for that rather potent fragrance which is vapour rub, practically gave up coffee for water and was given a valuable reminder of how important it is to do ones pelvic floor exercises regularly as every time I opened my mouth I was coughing and spluttering for England!!

All of those things didn’t make for a great combination, I know I’m not alone and lots of others have been suffering with the awful flu/virus thing that’s doing the rounds.

I’ve spent more time sleeping this week than I’m sure I have put together in the last few months and am certainly looking forward to feeling human again.

Not sure there are really any positive points to come from this apart from losing a few pounds and having a full body dettox~no caffeine and no food! However it just goes to show that having a teenager in the house can have its advantages at times~my girl has cooked dinners, tidied up and been shopping with her brother for me so I definitely cannot complain about that.

Here’s to a healthier and most importantly happier week.❤️x


Friendship is an amazing ship, it can sail far and wide but is never far from your side.

It will navigate waters still and deep, no waves too high to reach.

If you need anything it will be there to show you that it will always care.

Bringing you back to dry land and always lending a helping hand when you need it most, it’ll dry those tears and make you smile, help you forget your troubles for a while.

The memories it creates will last forever more and you can be sure to always have times full of giggles with a smile firmly set on your face.

To all my amazing friends I’m so glad we have embarked on this journey aboard the wonderful thing known far and wide as Friendship.

I love you all.❤️x

Long Week

Ooh it’s been a funny old week, feels like a long one although we’ve only been back to work and School for 2 days!

I’m shattered after a ridiculously late one last night~when will I ever learn?!

I’m not quite sure what’s happened this week but it’s disappeared very quickly and Christmas seems like a distant memory already.

Despite telling myself that I will make better use of my time and not rush around so much~I found myself dashing from work to school to town and home, followed by a quick change and then off swimming, obviously not for me~no way not after consuming far too much food and drink over the Christmas holidays, I couldn’t possibly bring myself to strut around the swimming pool half dressed, no thank you!!

After almost melting at the swimming pool we headed out into the cold air which certainly woke me up, I decided I was on a mission and went food shopping too~I forgot a £1 for the trolley so my daughter and I managed it in two baskets, which let’s face it probably saved me a small fortune as we were limited to what we could carry.

Now we’ve had dinner and I finally sat down~I feel no urge at all to go and wash up but as it’s entirely unlikely that the housework fairy will be putting in an appearance anytime soon it’s looks as though I shall have to drag myself into the kitchen and get it done, then believe it or not I’m heading for bed!

On a positive note~I’ve been very lucky to have been tagged in two blogging awards and when I can get myself fully organised and back in the swing of things I will be posting them~watch this space.

So I would like to wish you all a very happy new year~I hope your Friday night is more exciting than mine and my date with a sink full of dishes and washing up liquid! ❤️x

Goodbye 2017

Some how it’s New Year’s Eve already and as we prepare to say goodbye to 2017 I’m smiling and looking forward to celebrating with everyone. My lovely boyfriend, all four kids and our wonderful friends and their four children too~they will definitely have a houseful tonight!

Every year is different for everyone~I’ve most certainly had years that had moments I simply couldn’t wait to see the back of.

This year hasn’t been one of those years~it has in fact been a fantastic year and I know I’ll be ringing in the new year with a smile on my face and my heart even fuller and bursting with love.

This year has changed my life in so many good ways even if I did turn 40 yrs in the middle of it!!

In fact life is definitely beginning at 40yrs and it’s a life I want to embrace and hang on to tightly with both hands.

I won’t ramble on as I know everyone will be busy celebrating and reflecting on 2017.

Before I go and most likely drink far too much Prosecco I would like to firstly thank you all for following and supporting my crazy little blog and last but by no means least I would like to wish you all a very happy,healthy and fabulous 2018.

Cheers to each and every one of you. Love and best wishes from the crazy household.❤️x