Christmas 2017 🎄

As ever I’m typing this when I should be getting some sleep.

I should be in bed but I’m on the sofa watching the Christmas tree lights twinkle and glow.

Everywhere I look there’s presents and the odd sweet wrapper. It’s quiet,so quiet everyone’s gone home and the kids are sleeping.

It’s been a lovely few days~there’s been tears,laughter,food,drink and obviously presents but the very best thing which there has been lots of is love.

After a quick tidy up earlier I thought that’s it we did it and we did it together. We’ve celebrated and made new memories.

It’s been crazy at times and loud but why shouldn’t it be, as long as we are altogether that’s all that matters.

Family times are the best even if we are squashed in, scrabbling for chairs and a space at the table. Tired, over excited and stuffed with too many sweets.

So cheers to you all~here’s hoping you’ve had a fabulously, jolly Christmas.❤️x


Christmas Eve

Well it’s been a lovely but long old day today.

It started at 6am, when after grabbing coffee and waiting for both the kids to be awake we had stockings because they have gone off to be with their Dad until tomo eve.

We then had our traditional Christmas Eve breakfast~pancakes of course! Complete with crackers and party hats.

After watching ‘The Polar Express’ it was time for them to head off and for me to take a trip to Surrey stopping off enroute to see my big brother.

Next stop was Mum and Dads followed by a visit to see Nan.

The journey home seemed to be never ending but at last I was home for a quick shower and a tidy up.

Finally I got to see my lovely boyfriend who had dinner ready (a very yummy curry) and the wine open wahoo a girl couldn’t ask for more.

So now that my backside is firmly planted on the sofa and I have wine in my hand the countdown has begun until my two are home to celebrate Christmas with us 23.5hrs to be precise!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone may you have a merry one.❤️x

Christmas holiday tag 🌲

Thank you to Victoria for tagging me in this Christmas tag.

It actually doesn’t seem possible that tomorrow is Christmas Eve~where has the time gone?!

I’m actually feeling quite scarily organised and keep convincing myself that I’ve forgotten something,I guess we all feel like that during this busy time.

So here we go a few questions about Christmas and how it is in the crazy household.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie? It’s a hard one to choose really but if I have to absolutely pick just one I’m going to go with Nativity (which my two are currently watching as I type!)

Have you ever had a white Christmas? Funnily enough the kids asked me this the other day and I said I can’t remember! I will have to ask my parents.

Where do you usually spend your holiday? Always with my family, the venue usually differs from whose house but generally either here or at my sisters with everyone there.

What is your favourite Christmas song? Hands down~Last Christmas by Wham, always loved it when it was first released and still love it now.

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? No we save them for the big day.

What holiday traditions are you looking forward to this year~ ooh well as those of you who follow my crazy little blog will know, things have changed in a very good way for me and the kids this year. So we will be having a bigger family Christmas and I’m looking forward to starting new traditions all together.

Is your Christmas tree real or fake? For the first time in 13yrs we only have a fake tree, we usually have a fake one and a real one. We do however have two tiny real ones in pots, I can’t bear not to have a real one~next year a real one will definitely be back.

What is your favourite holiday treat/food/sweet? My Mums mince pies are my absolute favourite they never last long.

What is the best present you’ve ever received? Just being with everyone at Christmas is the best present I could ever hope for~seeing the kids happy faces and sharing that with everyone I love is really the best thing ever.

Where is your dream place to visit for the holiday season? In an ideal world I would put all my loved ones on a plane and jet off to somewhere snowy and cosy!

Are you a pro present wrapper or do you fail miserably? I wouldn’t say I was a pro but once I’ve got started I’m not too bad although I’m a bit basic with my wrapping I guess, no bows etc for me.

Most memorable Christmas memory? I remember the excitement and hustle and bustle of my parents getting everything ready and me watching Christmas films whilst waiting for the family to arrive. It’s such a wonderful feeling and one I love to see in my children. I just love to pass on to them the importance of this time of year being more than just about presents. It’s about family,friends, loved ones and spending time together.

What made you realise about Father Christmas (Santa)? Easy~my big sister told me hehe.

What makes the holidays special for you? Being together as a family,spending time with loved ones and friends and hopefully just having time to relax and unwind.

On that note I would like to tag Libby @

And Hope

Wonderful times

I’m literally breathing a big sigh of relief aswell as cooking dinner(nothing like a bit of multi~tasking.)

For ‘I Ms totally unorganised ‘have finally finished my Christmas shopping. At times this month I’ve thought that I’ll never get it done but low and behold after a fab trip to Crawley we managed to get the last few bits~I’ve even wrapped one or two check me out!

I find this time of year is always cause for reflection~the stress I have felt makes me wish I was more organised, I laugh about the chaos that often surrounds me but truthfully at times it’s quite overwhelming, if I could change anything about myself, getting organised would certainly be top of my list~but then hey on the flip side it’s part of what makes me the person I am today and I do like to say that’s part of my charm!!

Money is always a hot topic spending enough? Spending too much? Maybe we should concentrate on spending time and sharing love~these things are the most precious gifts and are both free and readily available~lets hand them out as much as possible, no one has ever said ‘I’ve given or received too much love’

Loved ones who are no longer with us,who are very much missed. The memories made will last forever and always be engraved in our hearts.

Now I can finally begin to relax, I say bring it on, all of it~making new memories,practising old traditions,being with loved ones and enjoying every crazy second of the celebrations.

2017 you’ve been pretty amazing so far, I can’t wait to see what 2018 has to offer.❤️x

Love Always

I know I often talk about looking on the bright side and concentrating on the positives, I know I often talk about the kids. Something I don’t often talk about it is the fact that I have to share the kids time with their Dad. Don’t get me wrong sometimes when they’re driving me nuts one or two nights of peace is very well received! However there will always be times when ‘sharing’ them is harder.

Christmas time happens to be one of those times. Today has been a wonderful day catching up with my parents and brothers and sister. It felt really festive and nice to all be together under one roof for a change. As ever it was difficult to orchestrate everyone being there and sadly my two couldn’t be there with us.We alternate Christmas each year,this year they will be with their Dad on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day until approx 4pm. I can’t tell you how much it saddens me not to see their faces on Christmas morning. I can guarantee that on Christmas Eve I’ll wave them off with a big smile truly wanting them to have a fabulous time but as soon as that door shuts the tears will start.

I try my very best to think positively about it all~I know they will have an amazing time and then they get to come home and do it all over again.

I know I am truly blessed to have them and everyone else whom I love so very much in my life to share such good times with.

A conversation today reminded me again that life is far too short and we should all strive to be happy and spread happiness around us.

Christmas certainly makes us think about family and loved ones.

Today as I sat there amongst my loved ones I felt a whole lot of love in that one room.

Our own Christmas may be planned a little differently but hey different is good and I know that when we are altogether celebrating there will be a whole lot of love to go around and no matter what time of year it is that will never change.

No matter where we go or what we do the love that binds us will always be there.❤️x

Weight loss Milestone

So tonight despite not wanting to go to slimming world at all for my Wednesday weigh in~I was thrilled to find out I have lost another 1lb which takes me to a total of 7.5lbs off.

I had literally convinced myself that I must of put on because it’s been such a busy week with two birthdays to celebrate which of course included cake,maybe some pizza and possibly some wine too!!

Despite all that I have changed my eating habits and am in a much better routine of having breakfast,lunch and dinner and not snacking in between. Believe it or not I am organising and planning my meals which definitely makes it easier to stay on track.

I’m also setting myself targets in the evenings to have everything done by 9pm and if it’s not done then it has to be left until the next day. This is so I can try and relax and get myself into bed at a better time and hopefully get some better quality sleep.

I think the sleep part might be the hardest part to crack but hey ho, one step at a time and all that jazz. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

I’ve now got to clear my bed which has pretty much the entire contents of my wardrobe thrown all over it because I was trying on outfits for our works Christmas do on Friday.

On a positive note now I’m half a stone lighter I have a few more possible outfits to chose from~here’s to the next half stone.❤️x



What a whirlwind weekend it’s shaping up to be.

Yesterday we celebrated another birthday a special little girl in our lives was 7yrs, we had a lovely day bowling and playing games followed by Pizza Hut and pug cakes! (Believe me when I say I’m trying hard to stick my diet!).

Today my big girl has gone off shopping with her friend on the train for the first time ever eek!!!

Obviously I know she’ll be fine, she’s responsible and sensible etc etc and yes you know that’s the mantra that is going over and over in my head and I’m quite sure will be until she’s home having spent all of her money(and mine!)telling me what a fab time she’s had.

How quick does the time fly?! It seems like only yesterday she herself was 7yrs old and now look! Time sneaks up without you realising.

Everything is sneaking up super fast now~my boy was asking how many days left at school, he then proceeded to inform me~as he does every day how close we are getting to Christmas~thanks son I don’t need reminding I need a win on the lottery and someone to come and organise my life hehe.

On that note I have confetti to hoover up because balloons filled with the stuff seemed like such a good idea until I dropped half of it on the carpet, uniforms to iron and the list goes on.

I guess I should start by getting out of the bath!

Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x


There are two things that are inevitable at the moment.

One is that Christmas is on its way and the second is that I’m unorganised.

Now I know that’s no surprise to anyone but even by my standards I feel particularly behind with Christmas preparations.

On Friday (1st December) I received my first Christmas card~I’ve not even brought any let alone written them! The kids were just as surprised and my daughter said and I quote ‘I thought we usually got cards on Christmas day’ hmm not that’s just because your mothers a nightmare!

I remember as a child when we got our advent calendars 24 days seemed like an absolute eternity to wait for the big day~these days those 24 days are approaching a little too quickly for my bank balances liking.

Despite the panic and the worry, I know it will all be sorted in time and I will promise myself that next year I’ll be better prepared etc etc, somehow I doubt the latter but still a girl can dream.❤️x