It’s been another busy week in the crazy household. Work,School runs, after school clubs, migraines, eye rolling and arguments with the teenagers~all pretty standard stuff really,particularly the eye~rolling because lets face it what do I know?! I am just Mum after all!

However In between those events we managed a date night at our local seaside carvery, some nice but cold walks along the beach and a very late night watching ‘4 weddings and a funeral’whilst drinking wine and playing an intellectual word game similar to scrabble, note the sarcasm when I say intellectual think more adult humour! Hee hee.

Once again its Sunday night,the weekend has disappeared far too quickly and as ever I should by now be fast asleep. Here’s hoping you had a good week and here’s to a fabulous week ahead.❤x


Spring is in the air

It’s certainly been a busy Thursday afternoon~the sun has been shining I’ve done some gardening~yes you read that right~I put my gardening gloves on and tackled the weeds out in the front garden,the daffodils are beginning to spring up and the lavender which I love because my lovely Nan brought it for me is also doing well.

The weeding was going so well I decided to get the lawn mower out, this was a mission in itself and I was particularly thrilled to realise that it needed some petrol. I swiftly gave up on that and used the strimmer to give it a quick trim~you could probably argue that it looks worse but it’ll do until tomorrow!

Inspired by my sudden burst of energy I then hoovered the car out and made chilli for dinner.

That’s when things started to go downhill~the chilli I thought wasn’t too hot actually was slightly hotter than intended~cue joy at the dinner table as the kids didn’t like it.

Although I enjoyed it they decided to make themselves honey on toast and hot cross buns for tea!

That was enough drama for one night~although it’s clear that in this house any situation can be dramatic, for example when your teenage daughter is going to have a bath it is essential that the whole street must hear the dilemma of not having enough shampoo and conditioner to meet her needs~whatever next?!

On a much happier note we are going away for Easter and I cannot wait~ the 2 of us plus the 4 kiddiwinks, lots of chocolate and possibly even some snow=happy days and memories to be made.


Crazy little thing does GoApe

We have been very lucky to have a fabulous family afternoon at GoApe at the beautiful Tilgate Park in Crawley.

The sun was shining and it was a lovely day, Nanny and Grandad came along to spectate and generally give advice from the ground below with their feet firmly planted on it!

We received a warm welcome and after reading through some safety instructions we were given wrist bands and off we went to get our safety harnesses on.

This part complete we were given instructions of how to use the equipment safely and shown how to move around whilst safely attached at all times.

We lined up and off we went, the children are 3yrs,7yrs,11yrs and 13yrs they confidently got started, lots of smiles all round having been very excited for this day to arrive.

It’s fair to say I’m not keen on heights at all but it’s something I’ve always wanted to try, I did ask several times if there was any other way of getting down and also what would happen if I fell off! I was reassured that I would be fine as I was completely harnessed and clipped onto the equipment at all times.

Whilst the kids zoomed around the course I took a more leisurely pace stopping to call down to Mum and Dad a few times and to also try to adjust my jumper(to cover my backside) as I was very aware of my lovely boyfriend behind me wearing the go pro hee hee.

The course was fab and at the end the zip wire proved to be a big hit all round even with me, I loved it and although I probably had the most ungraceful landing it was definitely one of my favourite parts.

The scenery was beautiful, being up in the trees in the sunshine together as a family was great, everyone working together and encouraging one and another long as we went round.

I was so proud of each and everyone of them as I took a moment to watch them, climbing, stretching and swinging through the great outdoors with massive smiles on their faces. Who could ask for more.

We love to get out and about and this really was a memory making afternoon.

So on behalf of myself and all of us here at ‘crazy little thing called love’

thank you so much for having us, we can’t wait to do it again.

Last but by no means least I must also give a big shout out to the instructor who came up and helped me finish the last bit of the course, and to all the other fab instructors at GoApe Tilgate. ❤️x

It’s all about me!

Having just completed a post all about me and my little blog it got me thinking about how much has changed since I first started.

Firstly I started Crazy little thing called love as a single lady, which of course is what catapulted it into existence, now I’m in a wonderful relationship and happier than I thought possible.

My blog is growing it’s own following across several social media platforms and I love sharing my life with everyone.

I have found lots of wonderful blogs to follow and read that are not only inspiring and interesting to read,but supportive too~from weight loss to parenting and just general life stuff.

A few things that haven’t changed and let’s face it probably never will~

Coffee and my love of it, I drink far too much but couldn’t imagine a day without it!

I’m always late and unorganised no matter how much I try.

My kids drive me crackers sometimes but they are my world and they make my life just awesome.

My day to day life is often crazy and chaotic but I wouldn’t have it any other way, this journey may be unpredictable but with the love and support of all my loved ones around me I know I won’t go too far wrong.

Happy Sunny Sunday everyone.❤️x

Autumn walks

I’ve just got home from a very long,very muddy walk and some Geocaching with two of four. It’s safe to say that I can’t wait for my two to get home from a week away with their Dad.

We saw some amazing colourful leaves and beautiful scenery,aswell as finding lots of treasure.

Autumn colours are truly the best, walking through colourful crunchy leaves always reminds me of doing so when I was a child (which seems like a whole life time away!).❤️x