All my love,all my life.

Dad this ones for you~I know you would be surprised that me your youngest daughter and biggest wimp going went and had this done today! I was quite suprised myself to be honest but these words~your words mean so much to me.

Dad I miss you more than words can say. I heard your song before I went in so I know I have your approval.❤x


See you later Xx

For the last 41yrs you have been here by my side,through the ups and downs its been quite a ride.

There’s been laughter and tears over the years.

But throughout it all one thing has always been clear, you have always been near.

When things have been good or bad I have always been glad to share the load with you.

No problem was too big or small, you helped me solve them all.

Who knew that our journey would come to an end and now I am left with a pain that won’t ever mend.

Dad you are one in a million, one of lifes very best and I know that wherever your journey takes you around the next bend, we can depend on the love you gave us to guide us through.

To navigate the good days and the bad,ever grateful for the love and memories we have had.

So as I sit here, with tears in my eye~just remember what we said~its not bye, its see you later.

All my love now and always Nats.💔x 


Our Dad

Dad,Daddy,Father they come in all shapes and sizes~big,small, short and tall.

All different in their own way but always there to show you the way.

The one you can rely on in good times and bad even when you have driven them round the bend (sorry Dad!).

Although these things shouldn’t be reserved for just one day~today is a good day to celebrate Dad’s and everything they mean to us.

So with that in mind I say the biggest thanks to my wonderful Dad, here through thick and thin, for us all~we really couldn’t ask for more.

Happy fathers day to the best Dad( and grandad)a girl could ever wish for.

Love you lots Dad.❤x