Last first date.

Exactly one year ago, ,I couldn’t find my shoes, didn’t know what to wear, was running late and took the longest route ever as I was about to embark on my last first date.

Exactly one year ago I didn’t know this was to be my last first date but as fate would have it that’s exactly what it was!

May 20th marks the start of a journey, our journey together. So much has happened in this time, it’s gone so quick, the saying goes time flies when your having fun and its certainly fun with lots more exciting adventures to come.

I’ve found my soul~mate,my best friend,all thanks to that ‘crazy little thing called love’ ❤️x


Mc2 Ultimate lab kit

It’s still the Easter holidays and trying to entertain the kids isn’t always easy especially as the weather isn’t exactly on our side at the moment.

489190AE-A007-442A-B94F-21B9C7BC2BD1Here in the crazy household we are always enjoying finding new creative things to do and have been lucky enough to try out this fabulous Mc2 Ultimate lab kit.

img_8264Project Mc2 is a series over on Netflix and is based upon S.T.E.A.M which covers Science,technology,engineering, art and maths. With their wonderful range of products it allows experimentation in your very own home.img_8265

The Mc2 Ultimate lab kit offers a range of 15+ different experiments to explore and discover perfect for ages 6 years and over.img_8267

The kit contains 30+ additional pieces including a real working microscope,safety goggles and pH strips and can be stored in this storage kit which opens up to be your very own science lab.

img_8258The fun has most certainly began and we are all looking forward to trying out lots more experiments, learning whilst having fun gets my vote every time.


*the ultimate lab kit was sent to us to review, all views are my own*

The holidays have landed

After the long weekend it’s essentially the first day of the easter holidays today and I’m flying solo with all four small people.

So far we have one poorly child and one exhausted adult and it’s only 10am!

The sun is trying to shine so that’s promising although the weather forecast is predicting rain so we shall see!

On the agenda is as ever copious amounts of coffee, some nail painting and possibly some pancake making if I can summons the energy.

So far we are exploring forgotten toys and chilling out, long may the peaceful vibes continue. ❤️x

Long drive home

I cannot wait to use this tonight it’s a shame that you can’t actually drink it but after a mammoth 8.5 hour car journey I will happily make do with bathing in it!

The poor car developed a small coolant leak which meant lots and lots of stops to keep filling it up to stop it overheating.

Fortunately my lovely man managed to keep on top of the problem and got us and the car home safely.

It’s safe to say we are all pretty shattered and very glad that we now have two weeks off.

Please remind me that I said I am glad to be having two weeks off because I can imagine that it won’t be long until I’m longing to go back to work for a rest! Hee Hee.

On that note I’m off to relax before I’m totally outnumbered tomorrow~not that I would have it any other way.❤️x

I am that girl

You know your a lucky girl when you have a boyfriend who stays awake until he knows your back safe from a night out, who would do anything for you and your family, who is always there through the good and bad. Wiping the tears away and making you smile again.

He has a smile that alone can brighten even the dullest day.

Soppy as it may sound I don’t care, I’ll happily shout it from the roof tops, I am that girl who has a boyfriend who does all that and more. I’m not sure how I got to be so lucky but one thing I am sure of is that this crazy little thing called love may well be a Crazy journey but as long as we are travelling it together I just know everything will be just fine.❤️x


This is for my Mum, the one who once thought the cous~cous was brown sugar and proceeded to sprinkle it on to her porridge!! That is something that always make me giggle.



She has the strength of many but carries it silently, she’s the quiet one in a busy and sometimes loud family.

She will protect her love ones fiercely at all times.

She will do anything at a moments notice~whip up a shepherds pie (always will be my favourite!)

Or produce some jam tarts without blinking an eye.

Whatever you need she’s either got it to hand or will get it/do it for you.

The love she has always so willingly shared with us through the years (and I’m willing to bet those teenage years where damn tough!!)

She now shares equally with her grandchildren and the pride and love she feels for them shines brightly from her smile.

Mum I know I don’t tell you enough how wonderful you really are or how much we all love you, but please know that it’s so very true. So today and everyday here’s to you Mum,I love you lots, we all do.

Happy Mother’s Day.❤️



As I’m sure you’ll all very much aware it’s Sunday night already and the end of another weekend.

It’s been a very lovely weekend for us, we were lucky enough to have a night away last night and stayed at a nice hotel.

It was just so nice and relaxing, really nice to have some time on our own to recharge our batteries and chill out.

The view from our room was beautiful, seeing the pier all lit up in the evening was fab and watching the sun rise over it this morning was just stunning.

We braved the strong wind which was freezing and managed to walk along the pier without getting blown away! This was followed by a wander into town for some yummy dinner.

Whilst I managed to finish my Prosecco with raspberry and mint, the pizza beat me (it was delicious though). We headed back to our room for coffee and a box of Toffifee (I had to double check the spelling for that hee hee), which we spotted whilst out and decided we had to have.

After a very nice breakfast we headed home~back to reality with a bump, ironing and fixing the car, no rest for the wicked hey!

I’m now keeping a close eye on the weather and the promise of snow~the sledges are easily accessible in the garage and ready to go at a moments notice should the need arise! I guess as with everything we will just have to wait and see.

Happy Sunday everyone. ❤️x

Crazy little thing does GoApe

We have been very lucky to have a fabulous family afternoon at GoApe at the beautiful Tilgate Park in Crawley.

The sun was shining and it was a lovely day, Nanny and Grandad came along to spectate and generally give advice from the ground below with their feet firmly planted on it!

We received a warm welcome and after reading through some safety instructions we were given wrist bands and off we went to get our safety harnesses on.

This part complete we were given instructions of how to use the equipment safely and shown how to move around whilst safely attached at all times.

We lined up and off we went, the children are 3yrs,7yrs,11yrs and 13yrs they confidently got started, lots of smiles all round having been very excited for this day to arrive.

It’s fair to say I’m not keen on heights at all but it’s something I’ve always wanted to try, I did ask several times if there was any other way of getting down and also what would happen if I fell off! I was reassured that I would be fine as I was completely harnessed and clipped onto the equipment at all times.

Whilst the kids zoomed around the course I took a more leisurely pace stopping to call down to Mum and Dad a few times and to also try to adjust my jumper(to cover my backside) as I was very aware of my lovely boyfriend behind me wearing the go pro hee hee.

The course was fab and at the end the zip wire proved to be a big hit all round even with me, I loved it and although I probably had the most ungraceful landing it was definitely one of my favourite parts.

The scenery was beautiful, being up in the trees in the sunshine together as a family was great, everyone working together and encouraging one and another long as we went round.

I was so proud of each and everyone of them as I took a moment to watch them, climbing, stretching and swinging through the great outdoors with massive smiles on their faces. Who could ask for more.

We love to get out and about and this really was a memory making afternoon.

So on behalf of myself and all of us here at ‘crazy little thing called love’

thank you so much for having us, we can’t wait to do it again.

Last but by no means least I must also give a big shout out to the instructor who came up and helped me finish the last bit of the course, and to all the other fab instructors at GoApe Tilgate. ❤️x

Half~Term Happiness

So today’s been a fairly rubbish day all in all with yet more problems with the car I’m sure I’ve jinxed the poor thing! However I have decided not to dwell on that and the things I can’t change right now so I’m sharing something happy about our lovely half~term because that was full of smiles and happy things.

Half term where have you gone, Half term it’s been much fun.

There’s been laughter, there’s been tears (from me anyway!) I even had a go at conquering one of my fears.

We’ve been football playing, roller~skating, making play dough as well as baking.

Not to forget high up in the trees this really made me go weak at the knees!

The cinema was so good we had to go and visit twice~that was really nice.

Above all else it’s been togetherness that has made me smile it’s been lovely to have extra time together for a while.

So now it’s Sunday and so it seems that early nights are needed and plenty of sweet dreams, to get set for the week ahead.

I know I certainly need my bed!❤️X




Ultimate Spy Bag

Who can resist this fantastic ultimate spy bag from project Mc 2, from the popular series on Netflix.

The spy bag comes complete with lots of exciting gadgets including the very cool and very popular finger print kit!

Let’s not forget the magnifying glass, secret message launcher and of course the decoder ring to name but a few of the wonderful items.

You can also download the Project Mc 2 app to increase the fun and test out your skills.

With all this and a lovely spy bag to keep it all in, young minds can keep busy inspecting clues and testing evidence all the while extending science and investigation skills.

All in all this wonderful set contains all you need to bring being a spy to life just like your favourite characters.

*The ultimate spy bag was sent to us to review, all opinions are my own.*