Dreams can come true…

I’ve been sat here listening to ‘A million dreams’ from the greatest showman.

I love that film and I love the songs too, this one in particular.

I feel it captures the essence of life, that surely it’s never too late to dream and plan for the life you want, things you want to achieve.

It’s no secret that I’m now 40yrs eek how did that happen?! I’m sure last time I checked I was only 21yrs, still there are lots of things I’m looking forward to planning.

Sometimes life has different things in store to what you may have hoped/wished for. It can set you on an unexpected path, but who knows where that path may lead and what journey you might find yourself travelling.

Dream big and go for it, if some thing Is good grab it with both hands and hold on tight. After all you’ll never know unless you try. ❤️x