Long Week

Ooh it’s been a funny old week, feels like a long one although we’ve only been back to work and School for 2 days!

I’m shattered after a ridiculously late one last night~when will I ever learn?!

I’m not quite sure what’s happened this week but it’s disappeared very quickly and Christmas seems like a distant memory already.

Despite telling myself that I will make better use of my time and not rush around so much~I found myself dashing from work to school to town and home, followed by a quick change and then off swimming, obviously not for me~no way not after consuming far too much food and drink over the Christmas holidays, I couldn’t possibly bring myself to strut around the swimming pool half dressed, no thank you!!

After almost melting at the swimming pool we headed out into the cold air which certainly woke me up, I decided I was on a mission and went food shopping too~I forgot a £1 for the trolley so my daughter and I managed it in two baskets, which let’s face it probably saved me a small fortune as we were limited to what we could carry.

Now we’ve had dinner and I finally sat down~I feel no urge at all to go and wash up but as it’s entirely unlikely that the housework fairy will be putting in an appearance anytime soon it’s looks as though I shall have to drag myself into the kitchen and get it done, then believe it or not I’m heading for bed!

On a positive note~I’ve been very lucky to have been tagged in two blogging awards and when I can get myself fully organised and back in the swing of things I will be posting them~watch this space.

So I would like to wish you all a very happy new year~I hope your Friday night is more exciting than mine and my date with a sink full of dishes and washing up liquid! ❤️x