Nobody said it was easy

Single and trying to navigate the world of online dating was never going to be easy.

Dating apps are everywhere and the same faces tend to pop up on them all~including mine!

This particular email made me chuckle when I saw it in my inbox ‘Natalie they meet your expectations ‘.

Expectations? That word has huge meaning ,anyone would think that I am sitting here with a long list of expectations for any suitable male to have to wade through!

Besides that~I’ll be the judge of who meets my expectations thanks very much and trust me it will take more than a photograph and a few typed out words that’s for sure.

Maybe that’s why I’m still single haha.❤x


Oh my god, he’s behind you!
Honestly I promise you he’s over there.

Yes I know this sounds like a scene from a pantomime but it is infact another dating story for you!
Based on pre~covid true events…..

You two are not funny I said laughing along at their grinning faces.

We were sat in our local pub, waiting for dinner to arrive (those were the days!)
and having a catch up. Obviously the conversation had swiftly turned to one of our  favourite topics ~dating.

So I was chatting to this guy earlier, he seemed quite nice ‘he asked me out for a drink tonight’ ‘nothing like short notice hey’ says Sally ‘ oh I know, I said I was meeting you guys and maybe another time etc’
‘Ooh really, where is he from, how old is he and what does he look like?’ pipes up Emily.
‘Well he is local, not sure where exactly,  he is 42yrs old, hang on I’ll show you’.

The girls took my phone, had a good look at him and his profile before handing it back to me.

Then roughly 5 minutes later they both nearly fell off of  their chairs and proclaimed that he was standing at the bar!!!

‘If you don’t believe us,have a look for yourself’ says Sally.

I turn round slowly and cannot quite believe that they aren’t winding me up.

After much giggling, we ate our food and decided to leave the pub, much to the girls amusement and my embarrassment we had to walk passed him and his friends to get out.
I had decided on discretely leaving but
Emily decided that wasn’t an option and dropped my name loudly into conversation as we walked past, laughing like a group of teenagers.

Once I got home, I sent him a quick message asking if he had enjoyed his evening and apologising for any awkwardness.

He was somewhat confused as to why it would of been awkward~I said I didn’t come and say hi as we were both out with friends etc.

‘I’m not sure what you mean, I was just down the road at my local ‘he said.

‘Yes I was in there too, I wasn’t sure if you had seen me or indeed heard my friends dropping my name loudly into conversation hee hee ‘.

‘Oh where you sitting over in the corner?’

‘Yes that’s right ‘ I said.

‘Aha yes, I saw someone with blonde hair is that you?’

At this point I wasn’t quite sure what to say as in my profile picture I quite clearly have dark hair~enough said!

‘Do you go to that pub often?’ He asked.

‘Now and then’ I replied.

‘I like it in there, its nice and easy to walk to from home ‘

‘Always handy when you can walk/stumble home after a night out hee hee’ I said.

‘Yes for sure, I live down Smith Avenue, so its not far at all’

‘Smith avenue??’ I ask, if I thought this night couldn’t have any more surprises then I was totally wrong.

‘Yes I don’t know if you know it? I’ve lived here for about 3years now’ .

‘Oh yes I know it very well’ I reply, trying to ascertain if this was some kind of a wind up.

‘Oh right~whereabouts are you then?’he asks.

‘I’m at home in Smith Avenue!’ Comes my  reply laughing to myself,thinking we couldn’t of made this up if we tried.


Conclusion~it turned out that he lived about 4 doors down from me on the opposite side of the road, our paths had never knowingly crossed before and although we kept in touch, we never did go out for that drink!

Dating disasters continued…

Hannah took a deep breath and said ‘ok, here is what really happened…..

After work I went home,got out the outfit I thought I might wear, had a bath then decided to try said outfit on.

Obviously I decided I didn’t want to wear that, so basically emptied out my whole entire wardrobe all over my bed.

I then tried on approximately 6 different tops and ended up wearing my first choice naturally!

By now time was getting on so I dried my hair and did my make up.

I was really pushed for time but being my ever optimistic self I decided I was going to put some false nails on, easier said than done when your rushing and you’ve got more glue on your skin than on your nails, but once I had started I had to finish.

So the nails were finally on, I was about 10 minutes late leaving than I had planned but thought I might just make it, however just as I opened the front door a nail pinged off,I ran upstairs to stick it back on but couldn’t open the glue.

For reasons best known to myself (definitely do not try this at home) I opened the glue with my mouth~carefully trying not to smudge my lipstick as I did so.
Smudging my lipstick was the least of my worries as I ended up with glue in my mouth, I thought I had removed it all but then spent the next 25 minutes of my journey trying to pick the remaining glue out of my tooth!

By the time I pulled up and parked I was 30 mins late~so jumped/tripped out of the car, trying to hurry to the door of the pub, when my heel broke on my shoe, thinking nothing else could surely go wrong I stumbled into the pub and scanned the room for my date~ who I have to say looked rather different to his profile picture which he later admitted was about 8yrs old.

Anyhow we chatted for about half an hour~he then asked what my plans where for the rest of the eve as he was going home to watch a film!!

So ok then I took that as a subtle hint that the quickest date I’ve ever been on was over and tried my best to stay upright on my broken shoe whilst we walked to the car.

Having got home to the mess which easily resembled a break in~ with clothes,make up and sodding nail glue shrewn everywhere I was very surprised that he text and asked me if I wanted to see him again.’

Hannah finally paused for breath and took a moment to study Sally’s face which at this precise moment had mascara running down it whilst she dabbed at her tears of laughter, unable to save her make up thus rubbing black across her cheeks.

Sally opened her mouth to reply but got an attack of the giggles again~’its the nail glue stuck in your tooth that’s got me hahaha!’

Through the fits of laughter came a deep male voice, Hannah looked up to see the nice looking waiter stood by their table.

I’m so sorry to interrupt but I couldn’t help but over hear and I just have to know about that text~are you meeting him again?

Hannah blushed about 20 shades of red and mumbled’ no I’ve decided not to.
Which leads me to my next dilemma~what shall I reply?!’


I was standing in the kitchen washing up, thinking about the day ahead, what food we will eat, what to wear etc, wondering if I would wear shorts as its hot but you know I hate my legs~the list could go on.

When perspective slapped me in the face ~hard!

Tomorrow we have to face a huge challenge saying farewell to our super nan~together but apart from eachother.

With that in mind~what does it matter how I look in shorts? What does it matter if I haven’t got it all together today, if the house is a mess or the ironing is piling up?

It doesn’t but those small things play on my mind and I wish they wouldn’t.

I want to see the bigger picture~appreciate the here and now.
Appreciate everyone who is in my life and cherish those who are no longer here but have shaped my life and filled my heart with love and memories that time can never steal.

I have no words to describe how I feel about tomorrow being so close but so far away from my loving family.

One thing is for sure though we will get through this together.

I found myself quoting Dads words to my boy the other day ‘there is nothing that can’t be sorted together’.

So now as I get my 2nd or is it 3rd coffee of the morning~I am planning to make the most of that ‘prospective slap’, get out in the fresh air, have a picnic with my the kids and make more memories. Seize the day and yes wear the damn shorts!!

Lots of love to everyone.❤ x


Having recently restarted my blog. I thought I would introduce myself and tell you a little about me.

I am a 42yrs old,sleep deprived,coffee loving Mum of 2 teenagers.

I had hoped by now that I would have my life in some kind of order but organisation and I don’t really fit together in the same sentence!

Anyhow this is me….

I have been married, divorced, engaged and single. My current relationship status is probably best described as ‘is joining a nunnery an option for me?’ hee hee.

I look forward to sharing the highs and lows of life, parenting and that crazy little thing called love.