Monday is back again

As I am sure you’ll all aware it’s Monday yet again~urgh. Picture the scene in the crazy household this morning~it’s cold,it’s dark,there’s lots of eye rolling and arm lifting to make sure I really get the point that my daughters portable battery didn’t charge because I yes I moved it last night and quite clearly didn’t plug it in correctly!! Whatever next?!

Anyway from under my duvet I was also rolling my eyes and muttering to myself that quite frankly I couldn’t give a damn etc etc you know how it goes.

Fast forward about half an hour when I’m finally dressed and realise I’m running late (of course) I came down stairs to a wonderful sight and no I’m not talking about the puddle of milk that my boy had helpfully left on the table along with a few stray cornflakes.

My girl my big hormonal,grumpy teenage girl had made me a coffee in my travel mug because she knew I wouldn’t have time to make myself one this morning,and there you have it all is forgiven and better in my world.

That girl may have the power to make me laugh and cry in excess both in equal measure at any given time,but she’s the most thoughtful loving girl who cares about everyone.

On that note I wish you all a happy,coffee fuelled Monday.❤️x