Oh Monday

It wouldn’t be Monday if I wasn’t sat in the sauna like conditions of the swimming pool waiting for the teenage delight.

The only plus side to this is that the coffee machine is finally working after being out of order for ages!

Thankfully tomorow is Tuesday which also means date night. I am very much looking forward to that although some very inconsiderate insect has decided to nibble my face and has left me with a horrendous bite just under my eye~marvellous!

I am hoping that that one of the following options will work by tomorrow night~

A. The antihistamine cream will actually help and make it disappear.

B.I wake up in the morning and it has miraculously disappeared.

C. I can cover it with enough make up without making myself too orange!

Well a girl can hope.

Happy Monday everyone.❤x


Sunny Monday

I am loving seeing the sunshine today. It makes everything seem better and gives you a bit more get up and go.

So much so that I went into Tesco and brought myself some new plants for the garden and some new cleaning bits. Somehow a creme egg managed to sneak into my basket too~cheeky little thing, mind you that was soon eaten and the evidence destroyed hee hee.

Having come home and planted the plants and begun spring cleaning the house it suddenly dawned on me that I had actually gone shopping for just two things and those two things were the things I came out without purchasing, you could say they are quite urgently needed as it was shampoo and conditioner, and as anyone living with a teenage girl will know how important these things are! I will however clarify that we do have such items or I myself would be panicking too! It’s just that we are running low and apparently last time I brought the wrong ones of course, silly me!

Another thing to bring some brightness into my day is these beautiful flowers~they definitely put a smile on my face.

All in all it’s not been a bad Monday, let’s hope that’s set the tone for the rest of this week. May the sun continue to shine.❤️x