Last first date.

Exactly one year ago, ,I couldn’t find my shoes, didn’t know what to wear, was running late and took the longest route ever as I was about to embark on my last first date.

Exactly one year ago I didn’t know this was to be my last first date but as fate would have it that’s exactly what it was!

May 20th marks the start of a journey, our journey together. So much has happened in this time, it’s gone so quick, the saying goes time flies when your having fun and its certainly fun with lots more exciting adventures to come.

I’ve found my soul~mate,my best friend,all thanks to that ‘crazy little thing called love’ ❤️x


I am that girl

You know your a lucky girl when you have a boyfriend who stays awake until he knows your back safe from a night out, who would do anything for you and your family, who is always there through the good and bad. Wiping the tears away and making you smile again.

He has a smile that alone can brighten even the dullest day.

Soppy as it may sound I don’t care, I’ll happily shout it from the roof tops, I am that girl who has a boyfriend who does all that and more. I’m not sure how I got to be so lucky but one thing I am sure of is that this crazy little thing called love may well be a Crazy journey but as long as we are travelling it together I just know everything will be just fine.❤️x


As I’m sure you’ll all very much aware it’s Sunday night already and the end of another weekend.

It’s been a very lovely weekend for us, we were lucky enough to have a night away last night and stayed at a nice hotel.

It was just so nice and relaxing, really nice to have some time on our own to recharge our batteries and chill out.

The view from our room was beautiful, seeing the pier all lit up in the evening was fab and watching the sun rise over it this morning was just stunning.

We braved the strong wind which was freezing and managed to walk along the pier without getting blown away! This was followed by a wander into town for some yummy dinner.

Whilst I managed to finish my Prosecco with raspberry and mint, the pizza beat me (it was delicious though). We headed back to our room for coffee and a box of Toffifee (I had to double check the spelling for that hee hee), which we spotted whilst out and decided we had to have.

After a very nice breakfast we headed home~back to reality with a bump, ironing and fixing the car, no rest for the wicked hey!

I’m now keeping a close eye on the weather and the promise of snow~the sledges are easily accessible in the garage and ready to go at a moments notice should the need arise! I guess as with everything we will just have to wait and see.

Happy Sunday everyone. ❤️x

Life’s little journeys

Here’s to life’s journeys big and small. Wherever the adventures may take us and lead us all.

May you be happy and healthy and wise, fill your days with love and pride.

Make those memories and face those fears. Remembering always to wipe your tears. Some will be happy some will be sad but never forget it’s not all bad.

Live a life that is happy and true, and if some day your feeling blue just look and see how everyone is looking out for you.

So spread the love and laugh often,be happy, be brave, be kind.

Above that all be YOU.

Enjoy this crazy ride we call life, enjoy the view it’s beautiful.❤️x

Win~Win Wednesday

It’s Wednesday also known as hump day. However today I shall name it win~win Wednesday!

This morning I was able to wear some jeans which haven’t fitted me for a while and then I had a small loss at slimming world. Only half a pound off but considering I’ve not stuck fully to plan this week I’m more than happy with that, after all it all adds up and as I always say it’s better off than on!

It’s been a better day in general thankfully, yesterday I felt a bit naff and couldn’t shake off the grumps. I did however get some beautiful flowers from my lovely boyfriend and that did make me smile.

Tonight though there was another classic in the crazy household

I was rushing around (just for a change!) and the oven decided it wasn’t going to heat up and cook anything in a hurry. All I wanted was a pizza done for the kids, not too much to ask I didn’t think.

Anyway I decided to put said pizza in the top oven to see if that would be better, a few minutes later I was questioning the strange smell coming from the oven when I realised that I hadn’t turned the oven on I had put the grill on aargh !!

The once very pale pizza was now cooked with very burnt edges, the kids obviously took pity on their stressed Mummy and assured me it was fine and actually they prefer it like that!! Bless them.

Happy #humpday everyone.❤️x

Fabulous View

As well as Christmas approaching we also have some birthdays coming up too.

Yesterday we took a trip to Portsmouth for our very first visit to Emirates Spinnaker Tower as a surprise for my lovely boyfriends birthday.

It was a cold but clear day and the view was fab. We went to the first level and took in all the scenery particularly the good view of all the boats and ships. The sky was full of beautiful colours. I had a little peek at the glass floor but wasn’t quite enough to give it a try~although lots of others did!

Next stop was the Clouds bar were we simply had to sit and have coffee and chocolate cake whilst taking in the scenery~we could see for miles and it was great naming the sights that we could see.

Last but by no means least we went up to the sky garden~with its deckchairs and grass it was peaceful and perfect to chill and relax.

Our admission ticket lasted the whole day and allowed us readmission before the tower closed.

As the sun began to set we were lucky enough to see lots of Christmas lights all around us~aswell as seeing all the hustle and bustle of people shopping and the choir singing and dancing. What a lovely day out both festive and good fun for a birthday treat too.

Happy days with more memories made.❤️x