I feel like I haven’t written for ages, that’s not because I haven’t got anything to say,infact I quite often have too much to say~maybe silence is golden sometimes hehe!

Anyway here I am and I can’t believe we are almost a whole week into October, another year that is simply flying by.

As ever the days and weeks have been busy and full on, not that I would want it another way.

We have been making the most of the weather whilst it’s still reasonable and as the evenings start to get dark so early now we have been trying to squeeze in some seaside walks before it becomes completely dark by 4pm!

That said evenings in front of the fire are beckoning and that’s always lovely too, although if truth be told once the fire is on you can guarantee I won’t be awake for long!

In other news I have become a fully fledged grown up and purchased a slow cooker, yes at the age of 41yrs not only have I brought one but I have managed to cook dinner in it and actually left the house whilst it was on (those of you who know me well will understand!)

Happy Friday everyone.❤x


Mini adventure

Wow what a weekend, it’s gone by in an absolute flash. Mind you it’s been a busy one. On Saturday we went on a ‘mini’ road trip and when I say ‘mini’ I mean it quite literally. This is because my wonderful other half felt the need to purchase a classic Mini because having 4 vehicles isn’t enough hee hee.

So we set off on a 3 hour round trip to collect it.

Today has been just as hectic as I decided to tackle Ads bedroom,small it may be but believe me it had plenty of stuff in it. At one stage I could feel myself losing the will as every available floor space upstairs soon became covered with boxes,bin liners and charity bags.

We found more clothes under the bed than in the wardrobe and had a few sentimental moments with old pictures and toys.

Finally it was complete and I am now left with several bin bags that won’t fit in the bin, several bags for the charity shop, oh and of course several loads of washing~thanks son!

This afternoon we escaped the tidying up and headed for the seafront with Mum and Dad. It was lovely and sunny so we stopped for ice creams and of course coffee. Although I could of sat and gazed out at the sea all afternoon, all too soon it was time to go home via the shop as I still haven’t been food shopping oops!

After dinner and the usual Sunday night rituals and obliqitaory last minute homework~this boy is so unorganised who could he possibly take after?! I am now relaxing with a cheeky cider and having a think, just a little one about Christmas!

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you have had a fabulous weekend.❤x

Sunshine and seasides

After an impromptu visit to the drs for yet another urine/kidney infection, the doctor confirmed that I need to up my fluid intake~sadly she didn’t mean drink more coffee though! To add insult to injury my anti~biotics require that I don’t have milk 2hrs before and indeed after each dose. Therefore it’s safe to say that I been counting down the hours,minutes and seconds until coffee time!

On a serious note though if it means a quick recovery then I will gladly take my medication as instructed.

Coffee is obviously an ongoing theme in my life, and as much as I am practically an expert at both making and drinking it, last night I surpassed myself by going through all of the necessary motions only to realise just before taking a sip that I hadn’t even boiled the kettle~I’ll blame the sunshine for that hee hee.

Speaking of sunshine as much as I love the sun and the heat, waking up to such beautiful weather serves as an instant reminder that this diet of mine really does need to start tomorrow in earnest. With some special events coming up surely that must be an incentive~hmm watch this space….

On the whole it’s been a wonderful weekend~spending time in the hot tub, and enjoying getting fresh air walking along the sea~front making the most of the lighter,warmer evenings.❤️x

Crazy little round up

This week is flying by and suddenly its Saturday. We have been as busy as ever-this weeks antics have included a whistle stop visit to Surrey to see family and have our hair cut too-shout out to my big sister for that!

We have enjoyed going along the seafront where the children’s preferred mode of transportation was a scooter, roller skates and indeed a skateboard. Us adults kept our feet firmly on the ground and enjoyed a catch up aswell as a cheeky coffee and a rather large Eccles cake!

Yesterday was a trip to Brighton on the train, where my son was subjected to the joys of shopping with a teenage girl who insisted on going into every shop we came across, needless to say after he had been in the two shops he needed he was keen to get home.

In other news I’m feeling particularly grown up after receiving my brand new business cards, this was cause for much excitement in the crazy household, to celebrate I decided that I simply had to buy myself a new notebook (not that I need any excuse to do so,I just love them!)as their are lots of exciting things to look out for, in the mean time watch this space.

Having spent most of the afternoon working on ‘Crazy little thing called love’ with the help of my lovely fella (he really does help out a lot with my blog!)its almost time for me to get ready to go out and celebrate my very good friends birthday-I am looking forward to an evening of gossip and giggles.

Before an early start tomorrow when I shall be busy preparing a big family roast for us 6 plus Mum and Dad, good times all round I say.

Heres hoping you’ve had a good week filled with chocolate-if not yours then at least helping the kids out with theirs!!!

Happy Saturday.❤️x

For you…

Some days it’s laughter and giggles

Some days it’s tears and shouts

But every single day no matter what it’s the love that counts.

Maybe they can’t see it and maybe they wonder why I get frustrated.

They think I go on and on and that my advice is so outdated!

I often say this and I know it to be true, that one day we will look back at these days and laugh about the trantrums,smile about the pain.

We will want to be reminded of these days once again.

For being a parent is hard at times it has to be said, sometimes you don’t even want to get out of bed, to face the moaning and the stress of who ate the last cereal or who made all of the mess!

Over the years we know there will be tears and giggles aplenty.

Good times, bad times we will face them all and deal with them gently.

Take each day as it comes and forgive easily.

Never forgetting that although I may drive you as crazy as you drive me, I shed tears that you do not see, because I love you more than you’ll ever know and I just love to watch you grow.

When your older you will know that despite all the times you thought I was wrong, there was method in my madness, for what I want for you is health,love and happiness.

So this is for you, although I may be a pain in the bum, I love you so very much. Lots of love always


Spring is in the air

It’s certainly been a busy Thursday afternoon~the sun has been shining I’ve done some gardening~yes you read that right~I put my gardening gloves on and tackled the weeds out in the front garden,the daffodils are beginning to spring up and the lavender which I love because my lovely Nan brought it for me is also doing well.

The weeding was going so well I decided to get the lawn mower out, this was a mission in itself and I was particularly thrilled to realise that it needed some petrol. I swiftly gave up on that and used the strimmer to give it a quick trim~you could probably argue that it looks worse but it’ll do until tomorrow!

Inspired by my sudden burst of energy I then hoovered the car out and made chilli for dinner.

That’s when things started to go downhill~the chilli I thought wasn’t too hot actually was slightly hotter than intended~cue joy at the dinner table as the kids didn’t like it.

Although I enjoyed it they decided to make themselves honey on toast and hot cross buns for tea!

That was enough drama for one night~although it’s clear that in this house any situation can be dramatic, for example when your teenage daughter is going to have a bath it is essential that the whole street must hear the dilemma of not having enough shampoo and conditioner to meet her needs~whatever next?!

On a much happier note we are going away for Easter and I cannot wait~ the 2 of us plus the 4 kiddiwinks, lots of chocolate and possibly even some snow=happy days and memories to be made.



So far today is going something like this~writing and then accidentally deleting a guest post all about the story of my blog so far.

Deciding that in my ongoing effort to organise at least one part of my life~getting the single bed frame out of the garage unaided whilst avoiding possible mice would be easy (it wasn’t!)

Having a meltdown outside Greggs because my boy decided that the ‘chicken bake’ he wanted to try somehow contained cheese (it didn’t) and nearly losing the plot because he didn’t believe me.

Almost crying when I realised that my girl had made me a coffee which I promptly forgot to drink, cold coffee is no laughing matter in this house especially when your nearly out of milk!

That pretty much sums up my Saturday, except I should add that we did manage a nice walk along the seafront, it was cold and the attitude from my lovely teenage daughter was certainly making its presence felt but it was definitely needed and certainly blew the cobwebs away.( the walk, not her attitude!)

All in all it’s been a good day besides the melt down but let’s face it I think we are all entitled to those and don’t they just go hand in hand with family life sometimes.❤️x

Sunday Funday

It’s been a fabulously crazy Sunday here at the crazy household. After a reasonably quiet morning we set off to the beach for some rollerblading and football fun.


It was absolutely freezing but the fresh air was much appreciated and whilst I’m clearly rubbish at football I did enjoy it~not so much the part where I got hit not once but twice by the ball though, by 2 of the lovely males in my life~thanks guys!

After a quick coffee stop we got our rollerblades on when I say ‘we’ I literally mean just us ‘grown ups’ the kids did have scooters though so we weren’t the only ones on wheels and we both managed to stay upright which is always good!

We skated along the seafront back to the car and headed home for a family roast dinner which finished the day off nicely, it’s lovely to have all six of us together even if we did have to make do with a garden chair whilst a dining chair is awaiting repair.

I am now totally worn out as well as bruised (from football) it’s only 8pm and I’m seriously considering getting into bed~well why not, I’m trying to be sensible and get some kind of early nights and maybe even some sleep would be nice.

Hoping you’ve all had a lovely Sunday too.❤️x