Memories are made of this…

Its been a busy weekend here at the crazy household.
Yesterday we walked and shopped for hours quite literally.

Today we spent a lovely afternoon at the beach,having a belated birthday picnic for Helly. This is a tradition we have had since the children’s first birthdays and today 15yrs later we are still going strong.

Some dynamics may be different but the love that bonds us all together as family and friends will never change and that is something I am truly grateful for.

Now I am up to my eyes in packing~the kids are off on holiday with their Dad.
I know they will have an amazing time,but even now after doing this for quite a few years~its still an odd feeling as you get your children ready for an adventure that you are not a part of.
It’s going to be quiet without them that’s for sure!



Lazy Sunday

It’s 9pm on this lovely Sunday eve and I’m sat with a candle on, feet up about to watch the new series of Unforgotten.

I have ironing that needs doing and housework too but do I feel guilty about that? No I do not! For two reasons the first one being that I’m officially off work now for the summer and secondly let’s face it, it will all still be there tomorrow.

It’s been another wonderful weekend that has gone by in a flash.

I am determined to somehow make myself slow down and try and get some rest. Some sleep at night would be ideal but hey ho one step at a time and all that.
Happy Sunday to you all. ❤x