Sometimes its the little things in life, a hot coffee whilst everyone else is sleeping, sitting by the window watching the rain drops falling against the window, bright flowers just starting to bloom. Sometimes things seem so big that we can’t appreciate anything big or small,we simply can’t see them because our eyes are blurred and our minds are full.
Sometimes we need to sit back and focus on the good because luckily life really is full of lots of good which do outweigh the bad.
Happy Sunday everyone. x


It’s Sunday….

It’s Sunday typically meant to be a day of rest, the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day.

However we have been swimming!!!

This is my least favourite thing to do if I’m honest~wandering around half dressed in front of strangers really isn’t my idea of fun by any stretch of the imagination.

Today they had ‘inflatable fun’ I struggled to find the fun element in that but inflatable it certainly was. In fact once I had prised myself into my costume I could of doubled as an inflatable myself!!!

I managed a whole half an hour in the pool before making an ungraceful exit is there any other way to do it?!

I am now safely dry and have found one of the better chairs to park my backside on whilst the kids continue to race each other to get across the inflatable assault course which resembles something out of total wipeout, I decided to be considerate and spare everyone the sight of me attempting to straddle that thing!

I love watching my two and their competitive spirit trying to beat one another, I also loved to see my boy encouraging his sister and giving her pointers of how to get on and stay on~sibling love at its best.

I’m now making the most of a few minutes peace, happy Sunday everyone.❤️x