Yesterday’s antics~rope swinging, tree climbing and bbqing and yes I did all 3 of those! I was slightly concerned that I might fall out of a certain tree~but as you can imagine I literally made it to the first branch and lets face if would of had a soft landing hehehe.❤x


Parent life

When you confiscate the teenagers phone and get constantly reminded by them that you have done so!

So far the conversations are going some thing like this~

‘What time do you finish your club after school?’
‘ Well it should be about 4.30pm but might be earlier or later, obviously I won’t be able to let you know as I don’t have my phone.’

‘ What time is Dad picking you up later?
He said he would text me and let me know but obviously I haven’t had my phone so…..’

So far this is my personal favourite ‘Have you done your revision for your test?’
‘No because EVERYTHING I need for that is on my phone which I don’t have.
Oh ok and you have no other means of getting the information that you need?’ ‘No of course not!’
‘No worries then I will just phone the school and explain the situation about you being phoneless and why you are in fact without said phone and maybe your teacher could help you??’

‘Urgh Muuuummmmmm!!!! Its fine I will manage!’

Funny that I thought you might.
Teenagers hey.❤ x

Wednesday night woes

Today’s #humpday is sponsored by the pain of gel polish removal and of course the teenage delight! Now as we are all aware the children had 6 weeks off for the summer. Those 6 weeks gave plenty of time to have nails painted beautifully etc. However the beautiful nail polish isn’t allowed in school, this is a fact well known by all. However of course said nail polish was still not removed this morning in time for school because it had been left to the last minute and she couldn’t get it off in time~marvellous! Fortunately for her, my wonderful better half came to her rescue and assured the school that it would be off tonight ready for school tomorrow.

Cue a trip to purchase more remover and more time then spent removing it, obviously I was no help at all and just hurt her nails when I was assisting her but hey ho!

Finally her fingers are polish free and she starts getting ready for her bath, the bath that clearly she felt would regulate it’s own depth and obviously didn’t need any attention from her so she was free to sashay around her untidy bedroom singing and looking at herself in the mirror of course!

Meanwhile because I have nothing better to do with my evening I go into the bathroom and turn the taps off literally before the bath overflows and she announces that she was just coming to do that~seriously?!

All that’s left now is to wait until her ‘quick’ hour long bath is finally over, after which she will no doubt waltz out leaving the floor flooded and the towels, yes towels (one wouldn’t possibly be sufficient!)soaking wet.
By which time I will probably be too tired to have a bath myself and will resort a super quick shower before falling into bed.
All that and she’s only been home just over 24hrs! Happy#humpday

National Citizen Service.

Here at ‘crazy little thing called love’I have been busy learning all about ‘National Citizens Service’ (NCS). With one teenager in the house already and another one rapidly approaching his teenage years,this is something of great interest to me.

CCEEF4C8-A45A-4778-9A21-6B04E8F4EB1AI am a firm believer in the great opportunities that can be achieved by keeping my children fit and active by encouraging them to take part in new activities especially whilst bringing them up in this ever growing technological world. I want them to explore new things and see what wonderful opportunities are awaiting them in the big wide world whilst also giving them the chance to meet new people and make new friends.

National citizen service is open to all 16 and 17 year olds across England and Northern Ireland,it is a government backed initiate and was established to help build a more cohesive,mobile and engaged society.

22720890-E510-4B90-BFE2-ED86A537A913.jpegIt is a 2-4 week programme taking place during the summer holidays,it brings together young people from different backgrounds to share unique experiences together. Including rock climbing,canoeing, hiking,archery and zip wires.This in turn encourages-team work,working together and supporting each other. Access to all these amazing opportunities costs just £50 and includes food,accommodation and activities. Financial  assistance can also be requested.

This year more than 100,000 teenagers from different  backgrounds will come together via NCS if you would like your child to be a part of this don’t delay, register your interest for further information. NCS will endeavour to find a spot on one of their programmes that you can fit in around any summer plans you may already have.

I see this as something wonderful which I would definetly love my two to experience-anything that gets them out and about whilst moving ,socialising and gaining both self-confidence and independence in a safe secure environment gets my vote everytime.

  • B58F7FA4-8911-49AC-8BC2-2C5C415CDBD8.jpegThere are still places available for your year 11s to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity this summer. To sign up now go to the NCS website.

*This is a collaborative post with ‘NCS’*


Some days you just have to laugh or you might well cry. Today which happens to be Monday was one of those days or should I say mornings.

It started off fairly normally, with me rolling out of bed and heading to the kitchen in search of coffee, everyone knows I’m best not spoken to until I at least have a cup in my hand!

It was at this point that I was greeted if you can call it a greeting by the whirlwind that is my teenage daughter. I decided that a new nickname was appropriate for her today and that became my status update over on ‘Crazy little thing called love’s’Facebook page~if you don’t already you can find and follow me here

Because sometimes laughter is the best medicine and the only way of surviving in this house at times!

After leaving the house with a flick of her hair and a door slam I sighed and rushed to get myself moving too.

I can’t lie I then spent most of the day like an over excited child looking for the snow and becoming very excited each time a flake or two fluttered about outside.

Needless to say I’m thoroughly disappointed that at the moment we are seriously lacking in the white stuff but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

This evening after having a nice roast dinner, my boy was helping me dry up and put the plates away, just as I dared to think I might be close to plonking myself on the sofa with yet another coffee (I’ve actually lost count of how many I’ve had today~oops) the kitchen was filled with a loud sound which was far worse than any of my appalling renditions, yep you’ve got it~it was the sound of falling plates out of the cupboard, as ever it felt like slow motion as a few tumbled out along with a glass casserole dish.

Fortunately there was only two casualties one plate and the casserole dish, we had both jumped out of the way and thus avoided any flying glass or China thankfully. I then spent what felt like an age picking it up and then sweeping and hoovering up all the little bits.

On the plus side I didn’t have to endure the sauna conditions we also know as swimming lessons, every cloud really does have a silver lining and all that.

I’m now contemplating whether watching ‘call the midwife’ in bed is a good idea or if I should play it safe and stick with ‘eastenders’. Decisions, decisions~ I’m not sure if I can cope with anymore emotional drama today!

Here’s hoping your Monday has been good to you and that your keeping warm in this freezing weather.❤️x