It was a breakfast on the run kind of morning here today.

Although let me clarify that clearly there was no actual physical running from me~a bit of power walking maybe or perhaps I was just jet propelled out of the house by the stress of my teenagers attitude which is larger than life this fine sunny morning!

Either way I grabbed an unhealthy choc chip swirl and shoved that in my mouth on my way to work.

I’m telling myself it’ll be ok because I did get up and do my exercises and I then walked the almost two miles to work, so let’s hope thats taken care of those naughty calories!

Have a happy Tuesday everyone.❤️x


Love yourself

It’s no secret that I am on a forever diet promising myself I’ll be good tomorrow or start again on Monday.

Generally these days never come and I end up eating the wrong things and then wishing I hadn’t!

I’ve started walking to work each day and using my Fitbit more which is helping to motivate me~now if someone could motivate me to stop eating chocolate aswell that would be marvellous!

This last week or so I’ve been having a huge clear out and de~clutter at home which is much needed.

Whilst doing so I have come across old photographs and apart from being shocked at how young I looked back then a few other things have caught my attention, mainly the way I looked over the years. In the photos I can see how I was slimmer at times and also bigger too. I looked at those photos and thought wow I wish I looked like that now and also oh my goodness I’m glad I don’t look like that now.

So this morning as I was getting dressed I stopped and paused, usually I avoid the mirror like the plague but today I looked and thought to myself ‘do you know what? This body has had 3 babies inside it, (sadly only delivered 2)

It’s had three major operations over the course of a one year period, and dealt with the inevitable ups and downs of life’.

It may not be perfect to look at but I’m healthy and I’m happy.

I know what I need to eat and what I need to do to lose that weight and tone up and I like to think that one day I will find myself more at ease with my body.

But for now~I’ll try and make the most of what I’ve got after all it’s not so bad, and it deserves looking after, however I can’t promise to stop eating chocolate or of course my favourite cherry bakewells, I’ll try and give it more water and less coffee well ok lets be realistic not less coffee but maybe the same amount of water to keep things balanced!

Happy Friday everyone.❤️x

Feeling Yuk!

Last week seems to have blurred into one pretty much~I found myself swopping my favourite perfume for that rather potent fragrance which is vapour rub, practically gave up coffee for water and was given a valuable reminder of how important it is to do ones pelvic floor exercises regularly as every time I opened my mouth I was coughing and spluttering for England!!

All of those things didn’t make for a great combination, I know I’m not alone and lots of others have been suffering with the awful flu/virus thing that’s doing the rounds.

I’ve spent more time sleeping this week than I’m sure I have put together in the last few months and am certainly looking forward to feeling human again.

Not sure there are really any positive points to come from this apart from losing a few pounds and having a full body dettox~no caffeine and no food! However it just goes to show that having a teenager in the house can have its advantages at times~my girl has cooked dinners, tidied up and been shopping with her brother for me so I definitely cannot complain about that.

Here’s to a healthier and most importantly happier week.❤️x

Weight loss Milestone

So tonight despite not wanting to go to slimming world at all for my Wednesday weigh in~I was thrilled to find out I have lost another 1lb which takes me to a total of 7.5lbs off.

I had literally convinced myself that I must of put on because it’s been such a busy week with two birthdays to celebrate which of course included cake,maybe some pizza and possibly some wine too!!

Despite all that I have changed my eating habits and am in a much better routine of having breakfast,lunch and dinner and not snacking in between. Believe it or not I am organising and planning my meals which definitely makes it easier to stay on track.

I’m also setting myself targets in the evenings to have everything done by 9pm and if it’s not done then it has to be left until the next day. This is so I can try and relax and get myself into bed at a better time and hopefully get some better quality sleep.

I think the sleep part might be the hardest part to crack but hey ho, one step at a time and all that jazz. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

I’ve now got to clear my bed which has pretty much the entire contents of my wardrobe thrown all over it because I was trying on outfits for our works Christmas do on Friday.

On a positive note now I’m half a stone lighter I have a few more possible outfits to chose from~here’s to the next half stone.❤️x


Life’s little journeys

Here’s to life’s journeys big and small. Wherever the adventures may take us and lead us all.

May you be happy and healthy and wise, fill your days with love and pride.

Make those memories and face those fears. Remembering always to wipe your tears. Some will be happy some will be sad but never forget it’s not all bad.

Live a life that is happy and true, and if some day your feeling blue just look and see how everyone is looking out for you.

So spread the love and laugh often,be happy, be brave, be kind.

Above that all be YOU.

Enjoy this crazy ride we call life, enjoy the view it’s beautiful.❤️x


What a whirlwind weekend it’s shaping up to be.

Yesterday we celebrated another birthday a special little girl in our lives was 7yrs, we had a lovely day bowling and playing games followed by Pizza Hut and pug cakes! (Believe me when I say I’m trying hard to stick my diet!).

Today my big girl has gone off shopping with her friend on the train for the first time ever eek!!!

Obviously I know she’ll be fine, she’s responsible and sensible etc etc and yes you know that’s the mantra that is going over and over in my head and I’m quite sure will be until she’s home having spent all of her money(and mine!)telling me what a fab time she’s had.

How quick does the time fly?! It seems like only yesterday she herself was 7yrs old and now look! Time sneaks up without you realising.

Everything is sneaking up super fast now~my boy was asking how many days left at school, he then proceeded to inform me~as he does every day how close we are getting to Christmas~thanks son I don’t need reminding I need a win on the lottery and someone to come and organise my life hehe.

On that note I have confetti to hoover up because balloons filled with the stuff seemed like such a good idea until I dropped half of it on the carpet, uniforms to iron and the list goes on.

I guess I should start by getting out of the bath!

Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x

Win~Win Wednesday

It’s Wednesday also known as hump day. However today I shall name it win~win Wednesday!

This morning I was able to wear some jeans which haven’t fitted me for a while and then I had a small loss at slimming world. Only half a pound off but considering I’ve not stuck fully to plan this week I’m more than happy with that, after all it all adds up and as I always say it’s better off than on!

It’s been a better day in general thankfully, yesterday I felt a bit naff and couldn’t shake off the grumps. I did however get some beautiful flowers from my lovely boyfriend and that did make me smile.

Tonight though there was another classic in the crazy household

I was rushing around (just for a change!) and the oven decided it wasn’t going to heat up and cook anything in a hurry. All I wanted was a pizza done for the kids, not too much to ask I didn’t think.

Anyway I decided to put said pizza in the top oven to see if that would be better, a few minutes later I was questioning the strange smell coming from the oven when I realised that I hadn’t turned the oven on I had put the grill on aargh !!

The once very pale pizza was now cooked with very burnt edges, the kids obviously took pity on their stressed Mummy and assured me it was fine and actually they prefer it like that!! Bless them.

Happy #humpday everyone.❤️x

Feeling good

Happy #humpday everyone. It’s Wednesday which means weigh in time. I don’t weigh until 5.30pm so it always seems like a long day waiting to get the dreaded deed done! After staying the same last week I was so pleased to have lost 2.5lbs this week. Of course as soon as I stood on the scales and saw the result,I did what I always do and tried to remember what I weighed last week! I knew it was a loss but couldn’t work it out so I was very pleased to have it confirmed.

In total I’ve lost 6lbs in 3 weeks, I’ve set myself the target of aiming to lose 1 stone before Christmas so I’m happy to say I’m nearly half way there.

Now to keep up with the hard work and stick to plan. I’ve found just making a few small changes is really helping to make such a big difference.

So far I’m finding it relatively easy to negotiate and am enjoying trying out new recipes and foods. I am keeping in mind the promise of a new dress when I lose this first stone.I’m also enjoying the feeling of my clothes starting to feel better and just starting to feel a little better about myself too.

All in all it’s all good on this crazy journey.❤️x




As Wednesdays go it’s not been a bad one really. Weigh in wasn’t too bad~I’ve stayed the same so am happy with that but I feel that I do need to concentrate a little harder and track what I’m eating a bit more consistently.

In an usual twist of events I find myself in bed at 9.30pm which is unheard of but I’m so tired I decided to bite the bullet and get into bed, I’m hoping that means I’ll get some sleep and not be awake too early.

I’ve attempted some online shopping for a dress for our works Christmas do~ hopefully that’s enough of an incentive to keep me going on my mission of losing 1stone before Christmas. I’m yet to find anything suitable but that will have to wait until I’m a bit more awake (if that’s ever possible!)

Here’s hoping your #humpday has been a good one.❤️x

It’s all about me!

Having just completed a post all about me and my little blog it got me thinking about how much has changed since I first started.

Firstly I started Crazy little thing called love as a single lady, which of course is what catapulted it into existence, now I’m in a wonderful relationship and happier than I thought possible.

My blog is growing it’s own following across several social media platforms and I love sharing my life with everyone.

I have found lots of wonderful blogs to follow and read that are not only inspiring and interesting to read,but supportive too~from weight loss to parenting and just general life stuff.

A few things that haven’t changed and let’s face it probably never will~

Coffee and my love of it, I drink far too much but couldn’t imagine a day without it!

I’m always late and unorganised no matter how much I try.

My kids drive me crackers sometimes but they are my world and they make my life just awesome.

My day to day life is often crazy and chaotic but I wouldn’t have it any other way, this journey may be unpredictable but with the love and support of all my loved ones around me I know I won’t go too far wrong.

Happy Sunny Sunday everyone.❤️x